We’ve already been teased a couple of times with release dates. Surely it’s going to be third time lucky? Yes, South Park: The Fractured but Whole for PS4 and Xbox One has been given a shiny new release date – October 17.

Crime has become rampant in South Park, so Cartman sees Coon & Friends as the only answer to the problem. It’s time for superhero stuff. You know, helping people, fighting crime and dumb, uh, crud like that…

You return as “The Kid”, joining the superheroic posse as a flatulent vigilante who uses, well, farts as your primary weapon.

Much like South Park: The Stick of Truth (which will be included as a free bonus for a limited time), The Fractured but Whole will be an action RPG – seemingly with an emphasis on the action part. Umm, and the RPG part, both in the role-playing game sense and, apparently, weaponry like rocket-propelled grenades. It’s also promised that the play area will be twice as big as the original. Sweet!

We can look forward to many a Marvel rip it seems, as well as unravelling the origin stories of Cartm- erm, “Coon”, and his various friends.

Anyway, for a glimpse – including everything from a mecha Token to a teleporting Timmy, plus cameos from familiar South Park characters like Mephesto (four-assed monkeys and all) and the guy who started it all for Matt Stone and Trey Parker, Jesus – check out the new trailer below.

WARNING: This IS South Park, so some may not appreciate the humour or language.

Pre-order South Park: The Fractured but Whole – including the Gold Edition and Superhero Bundle – now at JB Hi-Fi.