Once the preserve of dusty ‘Golden Oldies’ radio stations, Take Me Home, Country Roads has reached a new generation of fans thanks to its promotional use in Bethesda’s Fallout 76.

But the publisher didn’t use the original – written by Bill Danoff, his wife Taffy Nivert and John Denver, and released in 1971, where it went Gold after only four months in release. Instead, they turned to New York-based company COPILOT Music to produce a cover. COPILOT are no strangers to working with Bethesda, having produced music for Dishonored 2, Fallout 4 and ten tracks under the fictional record company moniker Neumond Recording Company for Wolfenstein: The New Order.

COPILOT enlisted New York vocal group Spank Live after finding them performing on the street, assembled an all-star band, and set about arranging the song with a new twist to the old country hit. On release it went straight to number one on the iTunes chart, knocking Justin Bieber off the top spot. Bethesda donated all proceeds to the charity Habitat for Humanity.

Did you know?

• When Danoff, Nivert and Denver wrote the song, none of them had been to West Virginia.

• In fact it almost became Massachusetts.

• When Danoff and Denver first played the song live, it received a five-minute ovation.

• The song has become the anthem to many West Virginian institutions and sports teams, including West Virginia University.

• In 1973, Australia’s own Olivia Newton John covered the song. It did relatively well in the UK and Japan but only reached No. 119 in the US.

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