“The most immersive Pokemon app in the world” may even get a little more immersive.

A group of guys have started a Kickstarter for a “revolutionary game controller” for Pokemon GO – and they’ve already reached their goal.

It’s a Pokeball that you can throw in real life that translates to throwing it in the game. There’s a lot of complex coding/technology involved, but to put it simply you’re basically just throwing the Pokeball at Pokemon like normal trainers would.

Realistically, it wouldn’t be very feasible in popular Pokemon spawn points due to the high concentration of people in such a small place – you’d probably end up throwing it at someone – but when you’re just wandering around your house it sounds like a fun idea. The lil’ ball also doubles as a portable power pack.

Pledging $35 or more will get you your very own Pokeball, and they’re anticipating delivery by December this year. Either that, or you can just grab Sun or Moon when they come out in November.