If you’ve finished all the game’s trials and are now in the midst of catching ’em all, here’s a way to catch prettier ones. 

Getting your grubby mitts on Shiny Pokemon has always been one of the most difficult parts of the Pokemon games, but it seems with Pokemon Sun & Moon‘s new ‘call for assistance’ mechanic, a bit of luck and a new item, you might find it a little easier.

The simplest way to go about this is to get yourself a Pokemon with a move like Holdback or False Swipe – one that will leave your poor enemy with only 1 HP. It helps if you’ve got a non-damaging move as well, just to move the turns along.

You’ll also need an Adrenaline Orb – you can buy ’em from PokeCenters after you’ve finished the Lush Jungle trial. Then it’s time to give it a go.

Once you’ve encountered your Pokemon of choice in the wild, chomp down on its health, and use your Adrenaline Orb. The item makes it more likely for the enemy to call for help, which, in turn, is more likely to happen if they’re low on health in the first place. If they don’t phone a friend, simply use your non-damaging move, or while away the turn some other way.

If your adversary does call for help, the Pokemon it summons will be better in one of three ways: higher IVs, a hidden ability, or it’ll be that coveted Shiny you’ve been so desperately seeking. All you have to do then is catch it like the true Pokemon Master I know you are.

Of course, it may take a few tries to get the Shiny version, but it’s a better chance than you’d normally have. Make sure you save before you go hunting and you can just restart if you don’t get what you want. Simple.

Good luck!

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(via Gamerant)