The Phantom Thieves return as Persona 5 Strikers hits this month, in a wild collision of classic Persona adventuring and the Dynasty Warriors brand of hack and slash mayhem. Let’s meet the Thieves – and their alter egos – and find out their strengths.

The Protagonist, aka Joker
The player’s character and leader of the gang, Joker has high attack power and mobility, and is able to dart in with his silver dagger or kukri blade for quick close-range attacks.







Morgana, aka Mona
Everybody’s favourite talking cat-creature, Mona wields a shortsword and can unleash both ground and air attacks, locking onto multiple enemies using his slingshot.







Ryuji Sakamoto, aka Skull
Goodhearted but short-tempered, Skull boasts high attack and defence, and can charge up attacks to increase their damage and range. His shotgun is also handy…







Ann Takamaki, aka Panther
Kindly Panther cracks a whip in battle, with wide-ranging effect. When needed, she can ignite her whip to unleash extra damage, or let rip with her machine gun.







Yusuke Kitagawa, aka Fox
An art student by day, Fox wields a katana with high attack power and multi-strike ability thanks to his incredible speed. He also totes a powerful rifle.







Makoto Niijima, aka Queen
Closet tomboy Queen is a close-range fighter with fists that you don’t want to get hit by. Also armed with her bike-shaped Persona and quick-firing revolver, she’s one tough mother.







Haru Okumura, aka Noir
Referring to herself as the ‘Beauty Thief’, Noir gets busy with an axe when fighting. She’s also armed with psychokinesis, and a grenade launcher for gun attacks.







Futaba Sakura, aka Oracle
Super-hacker Oracle doesn’t fight, but serves as navigator and advisor for the Phantom Thieves by analysing their surroundings and enemy data.








Sophia, aka Sophie
A mysterious girl who the thieves meet in the Shibuya Metaverse, Sophie has a yoyo with which she can quickly attack large swathes of enemies, plus a neat blaster.







Persona 5 Strikers launches for Switch and PS4 on February 23. Pre-order now at JB Hi-Fi.