I’ve been playing quite a bit of Horizon Zero Dawn lately. 

It stands to reason, then, that there are a few comparisons that can be easily drawn between Guerrilla’s open world RPG and other pop culture.

I’m sure there’s heaps that I’ve missed – don’t be afraid to let me know – but for now here’s a short list of things I’ve compared HZD to. (Minor plot spoilers follow).

The Lion King

The opening scene of Horizon Zero Dawn is Aloy being carried up a hill as a baby to be christened with her name by her carer, Rost. This involves holding out the fledgling hunter over the edge of a cliff:

They even smudge her head with a little goopey stuff. Come on.

Ice Age

Pretty much the only comparison I can draw between these two is that Rost reminds me of the baby’s dad that Manny, Sid and Diego rescue.

Sorry not sorry. They both carry babies.


This one makes the list twice, actually. The training of the young Aloy is akin to the training that Jake Sully goes through in order to become part of the Omatikaya.


I mean come on.

Secondly, although similarly, the first time you override a Strider and ride it is almost as cool as that time Sully clambers onto the back of the Great Leonopteryx to save the Na’Vi.

The Karate Kid (2010)

“Your focus needs more focus.”

The Maze Runner

The giant crab-like beings that you encounter on your travels are not dissimilar to the weird scorpion things (Grievers) set on the kids in The Maze.