Busy outdoorsy types don’t always have the time to get out and cock a rifle or shop for bait, and sometimes it’s easier to fish and hunt from the comfort of your own living room. Cabela’s The Hunt and Bass Pro Shops The Strike are both out now on the Switch, allowing you to do just that.

Cabela’s The Hunt: Championship Edition

Remember Big Buck Hunter? While there was a proliferation of hunting games on the ol’ Wii, we haven’t seen one for a while. Why? No idea – they’re great fun.

At last, hunting season is back on for the Nintendo Switch, with Cabela’s The Hunt: Championship Edition. In this one you’ll be able to enjoy stalking some of North America’s most famous hunting spots (ten in total) in your very own backyard, with no actual slaughter required.

The biggest appeal of Cabela’s The Hunt: Championship Edition is that you can play it with a shotgun accessory. However, we advise against taking the Switch out in public on this occasion… Using a physical peripheral certainly adds to the immersion, and there are also a number of different guns to choose from, as well as a crossbow. Players traverse the hunting ground using an ATV, and will track and target up to 20 different species of game.

If you’re anxious about jumping into a hunting game with absolutely no real world experience, relax, as The Hunt is as easy as it is enjoyable. The tutorials walk you through everything you need to know, from using the shotgun to tracking your target (the latter is inexplicably satisfying). While you won’t be coming to this one to marvel at the graphics quality, you will have an inordinate amount of fun here, whether you enjoy shooters or not. The hunt is afoot.

Bass Pro Shops: The Strike Championship Edition

“Hey son!” “Yeah, Dad?” “How’d you like to go fishing this weekend?” Forget about doing your homework on the boat when you can fish in the safety of your own study with the new Bass Pro Shops: The Strike – Championship Edition. A fun fishing game for the Nintendo Switch, it even comes with a handy fishing rod peripheral that turns your Joy-Cons into a rod complete with a spinning reel.

Bass Pro Shops: The Strike – Championship Edition brings the realism of fishing indoors, allowing you to venture into environments based on real lakes, with accurate fish and lure behaviour for immersive angling adventures. The fishing rod accessory, which you can customise to fit different environmental needs, turns your Joy-Cons into the grip of the rod and the line, so you can sit patiently and wait for your prey before you hook them and reel them in just as you would if you were on the shore or out in the bay. It’s just as relaxing, a lot less messy, and your hands won’t smell.

Bass Pro Shops: The Strike – Championship Edition will test players across ten of America’s most famous fishing spots, with 11 different fish species that all react differently. With an online leaderboard at your disposal, you can boast to your friends about the one that didn’t get away.