It’s apparently the official Video Games Day today, although we kind of look at all days as video games days.

Anyway, in honour of it, here’s a list of the highest-selling games on each of the major console formats over the years.

Please bear in mind though that many of them were packed in with consoles, so they weren’t necessarily the most popular games. Also, some of these consoles are still very much alive and kicking, so who knows what may come along in future to topple the current kings? Oh, and it’s a bit early for definitive PS5 and Xbox Series X|S figures.

Atari VCS/2600

Video Games Day
Sold: Approximately 7,700,000
Notes: A rather dreadful conversion of the all-time number two arcade game, but programmers could only do so much considering the system’s limitations.

Nintendo NES

Video Games Day
Super Mario Bros.
Sold: Approximately 40,250,000
Notes: Legendary! We always ended up a bee’s doodle off finishing it, too. We suck.

SEGA Mega Drive

Video Games Day
Sonic the Hedgehog

Sold: Approximately 15,000,000
Notes: Even sold truckloads before it became a pack-in, replacing Altered Beast.

Super Nintendo

Video Games Day
Super Mario World
Sold: Approximately 20,600,000
Notes: If not for pack-in fever which also included Super Mario All-Stars and Donkey Kong Country, Mario Kart 64 would top the list with approximately 8,750,000.

SEGA Saturn

Video Games Day
Virtua Fighter 2
Sold: Approximately 1,950,000
Notes: Possibly the most underrated console here, except that the Dreamcast is still to come. Sadly, SEGA had the hardware but had no idea how to market it.

Sony PlayStation

Video Games Day
Gran Turismo
Sold: Approximately 10,850,000
Notes: We still prefer Ridge Racer. Sorry.

Nintendo 64

Video Games Day
Super Mario 64
Sold: Approximately 11,900,000
Notes: Hey, is he flicking us the ‘V’?! If you weren’t there at the time, you simply couldn’t comprehend the huge leap that this felt like. Wahoo!

SEGA Dreamcast

Video Games Day
Sonic Adventure
Sold: Approximately 2,400,000
Notes: Also sold heaps more when re-released on various other formats.

Nintendo GameCube

Video Games Day
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Sold: Approximately 7,100,000
Notes: Only pipped Mario Kart: Double Dash!! by a nose – if a nose represented around 100,000 copies.


Video Games Day
Halo 2
Sold: Approximately 8,000,000
Notes: The original Halo: Combat Evolved sits second with approximately 5,000,000.


Video Games Day
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Sold: Approximately 17,730,000
Notes: Both GTA III and Vice City are also in the PS2 top five.

Nintendo Wii

Video Games Day
Wii Sports
Sold: Approximately 82.810,000
Notes: Yipes, that’s a lot of potentially broken TVs! The biggest selling non-pack-in? Mario Kart, at 36,950,000.

Xbox 360

Video Games Day
Kinect Adventures
Sold: Approximately 24,000,000
Notes: Didn’t see that coming? Putting aside the Kinect pack-in, GTA V takes the chockies with approximately 18 million.


Video Games Day
Grand Theft Auto V
Sold: Approximately 21,300,000
Notes: No major pack-ins on PS3, so Franklin, Trevor and Michael get to legitimately claim something.

Nintendo Wii U

Video Games Day
Mario Kart 8
Sold: Approximately 8,350,000
Notes: Not bad for a “failed” console. We wonder how many re-bought it on Switch, when it’s basically the same?


Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V
Sold: Approximately 20,000,000
Notes: They’re back! And still going strong…

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Xbox One

Video Games Day
Grand Theft Auto V
Sold: Approximately 9,000,000
Notes: Bored now?

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Nintendo Switch

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Sold: Approximately 37,000,000
Notes: Not bad for a Wii U update.

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