Death Stranding is back in “Director’s Cut” form and on the PS5, ready for a new batch of players to wonder just what the heck is going on.

This feeling of “What the…?” has been captured superbly by NCHProductions in their parody video entitled Yoshi Stranding, which takes the Hideo Kojima outing and Yoshi’s Island then bangs them together.

“After the mysterious entity, known only as ‘The Maker’ arrived, the Mushroom Kingdom began to fall apart. Worlds and even timelines themselves began to get scrambled and re-arranged leaving only a handful of survivors in its wake. Left to pick up the pieces, the company SWITCHES has been established with the goal to rebuild and reconnect a now fragmented Kingdom in the hopes of uniting the calamity The Maker has left behind. It’s up to Yoshi to uncover the worlds mysteries and the importance of SWITCHES’ seemingly never ending supply of BMs.”

Check it out just below this sentence. For our thoughts on Death Stranding, click here.

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