Who doesn’t love a bargain? The beauty of buying tech on a budget is the plethora of options in the bargain basement bracket.

Not everyone who buys a laptop will have the budget – or desire – to drop $2k on a top shelf model. And do you know what? In 2021, you don’t have to either. Affordable tech, whether it’s a speaker, a tablet or even an air fryer, doesn’t necessarily mean a significant compromise in quality. With a bit of research, the savvy shopper can get just what they want at a fraction of the cost.

With Christmas now a distant blur in the rear-view mirror, thoughts turn to getting stuck into the new year and negotiating the challenges ahead. For many of us (STACK staff included) that will mean a continued period of working from home while events around the globe remain uncertain. As such, this might necessitate further investment to bring your home office up to speed so you can work as efficiently as possible in your PJs!

“With a bit of research, the savvy shopper can get just what they want at a fraction of the cost.”

The end of the silly season in Australia generally sees a high level of relocation either through work, moving to get into a catchment area for a school, or because your grump of a landlord has hiked up the rent. Real estate agents report very high rental demands in January and February and with that comes the dreaded move, and the potential need to update the new home network or increase the TV size for a bigger living space. Again, this undertaking to furnish a home with new tech essentials on a budget is definitely achievable.

And if you’re one of the many students preparing to set off to university for the first time this year, the excitement of new beginnings lies ahead. Alongside the requirement to kit out your accommodation with the bare basic living essentials is the need to make sure your tech inventory is ready to roll.

This month, we look at the budget-busting tech options that will help kickstart your 2021 and leave your bank balance in the black.

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