For every brilliant new fitness device that makes a genuine difference, there’s something that didn’t quite cut it. Here are four classic examples.

1. The Shake Weight
A weight you hold in your hands that shakes vigorously and works muscles. No one could watch the promotional video and keep a straight face.

Shake Weight

2. Vibration Belt
The idea sounded extremely enticing – simply throw on the vibrating belt, sit on the couch watching TV, and let your waistline shrink like a t-shirt in a tumble dryer.

Vibration belt

3. Sauna Suits
An instant solution to weight loss was supposedly as simple as slipping on a suit-shaped plastic bag purchased from a TV infomercial and sweating it off. Lack of ventilation and potential dehydration were clearly not considerations factored into the design.

Sauna suit

4. Thigh Master
Ranking alongside the Ab Master as the item most unceremoniously dumped on the nature strip for hard waste collection.

Thigh Master