Doors are a common entry point for burglars, but by implementing some simple off-the-shelf tech solutions, you can get yourself adequately protected.

Swann Enforcer
This new range from Swann offers a complete suite of security options. First up, it’s a wired system. Why is that good? Well, if the Wi-Fi in your home is questionable – and let’s face it, this would apply to many areas in Australia – then having the cameras hardwired to a central hub negates the risks involved with an unpredictable Wi-Fi connection.

Now, don’t let the wiring component put you off – it doesn’t mean you need the additional expense of a tradesperson to come in and fit it for you; the couplings from the camera to the hard drive are easily connected. It also means no batteries to keep charging. Forget expensive subscriptions here, too – the hard drive has 1TB of local storage that can be either downloaded, erased, or stored in the cloud when it eventually fills up.

The weatherproof Enforcer cameras are 1080p Full HD with a powerful digital zoom to identify faces and number plates, and they can also detect heat and motion. Full-colour night vision is achieved through a system Swann are calling Night2Day. If the camera is triggered, a red and blue flashing light – just like the girls and boys in blue – will ward off any unwanted visitors and can also be activated manually. The cameras can also recognise vehicles, cars and animals to alleviate continual false alarms.

There is an accompanying app for remote camera access that connects to your network, and Enforcer also supports voice control through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, provided that your smart home hub has a screen. The Swann Enforcer comes in packs of four and eight cameras, offering a complete security package without the ongoing subscription fees.

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Samsung A30 Smart Wi-Fi Biometric Deadlock Door Lock
The boss of all door locks is here with an all-in-one answer to front door security. Straight out of The Fifth Element, the system has fingerprint recognition for easy access, so forget lugging awkward keys around. But it’s not just a biometric door lock; it can also be programmed with a six-digit PIN, making it the perfect option for short-stay accommodation rentals or when opening using a smartphone.

There’s a heap of neat features here. Temporary remote access through an app can be granted if you’re offsite and the mother-in-law turns up unannounced. It can also be locked remotely if you leave home and are unsure whether you’ve locked the door. For consistently forgetful heads, an auto lock system can be set up that will automatically lock the door after a set period of time.

Security is well covered. If the wrong PIN is entered more than five times, the user is locked out for three minutes. And if you’re away for the weekend and someone tries to exit from inside, an Away Mode alarm is activated. Installation is a cinch – all you’ll need is a screwdriver and a little DIY knowledge. The lock runs on AA batteries with an estimated 18-month lifespan, and a notification to replace the batteries is sent when the charge is down to 3 per cent. Finally, the A30 will also feature voice support for Google Assistant and Alexa.

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Ring Video Doorbell Wired
Drawing on Ring’s established reputation with video doorbells, the Ring Video Doorbell Wired combines crystal clear HD video, night vision and two-way talk in a unit that, once wired in, doesn’t require constant changing of the battery. If you live near a busy road where you’re likely to get continual motion alerts, the Ring Video Doorbell offers advanced motion settings, so you can tweak the sensitivity. Video doorbells are the height of convenience, allowing you to check who’s standing at the front door before opening it, or monitoring visitors on your smartphone if you’re away from the house.

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