We’re used to computerised music, but music played by banks of actual computer hardware? Say hello to the ‘Floppotron’.

The creation of a Polish mad genius named Paweł Zadrożniak, he has connected innumerable floppy and hard drives and some other bits and bobs of obsolete computer hardware together to assemble a rather amazing orchestra.

If you’re finding this hard to believe, then this video of the Floppotron performing Blur’s Song 2 should convince you once and for all:

Still not convinced? How about MJ’s Thriller?

Still no? Well, just try to resist your inner patriot’s call with Men at Work’s Down Under

Come on, it’s cool now to dig Toto’s Africa, yeah?

This is just a tiny sampling, so if you’re enjoying this literal machine music, head on over to YouTube for a whole bunch more here.