As masters of OLED technology – they make the screens for multiple other brands’ TVs – LG has cemented itself over the past few years as the go-to brand for those wanting the rich, vibrant cinema-like performance that only OLED can deliver.

While screens based on OLED tech are common on mobile phones these days, making TV-sized OLED screens was a very expensive proposition until LG cracked the code. Year after year they’ve stunned customers and critics alike with advances in picture quality and dynamic range (if you’re watching movies or playing games in HDR, you want an OLED!).

Coupled with one of the best user interfaces on the market (freshly enhanced for 2021 and controlled by the brilliant Magic Remote) and industry-leading features, the latest LG TVs are once again pushing the boundaries of what OLED can do.

And for those who prefer the value and versatility of a high-quality, huge-screen LCD TV, LG’s got that covered as well (at a surprisingly affordable price). Front and centre as the flagship of the 2021 LG range is the 65-inch G1 “Gallery Series” TV. This incredibly thin TV is designed for wall mounting, where it’s designed to blend into its surroundings seamlessly. If you’d rather not wall-mount the TV, you can use the optional Gallery Stand, which LG says is designed to be placed on the floor to make the TV look like a piece of sculpture. With a tripod-like design it’s certainly unique, effectively floating the ultra-thin screen in your chosen part of the room.

The G1 is the only model in the 2021 range to get LG’s latest advancement in picture quality, the Evo OLED panel. Made with a completely new manufacturing process exclusive to the 2021 Gallery series, LG is calling this display the next evolution of OLED, promising brighter and sharper colours and images on screen – quite a brag considering that for years now, LG’s OLEDs have been delivering jaw-droppingly stunning picture quality. The added brightness from the G1’s screen means it’s perfect for rooms with lots of natural light, and it’ll also deliver HDR and Dolby Vision content with cinema-like depth, since the increased peak brightness means a hugely increased dynamic range, and OLED’s self-lit pixels mean perfect blacks.

If you’d prefer an OLED screen big enough to dominate your field of view for a truly immersive experience, the 83-inch C1 will deliver the big-screen goods while maintaining almost all of the features of its wafer-thin sibling. And if you’re looking for something a bit less massive in your living space, the great-value 48-inch A1 might be the perfect fit.

The Magic Remote
It won’t turn you into Harry Potter, but LG’s unique remote control does act a bit like a magic wand. It lets you navigate the onscreen interface by moving the remote around while pointing at the screen – it’s a kind of “air mouse”, which makes controlling the TV a breeze.

All three of these new 2021 OLED TVs come with plenty of new and upgraded features, starting with a brand-new Magic Remote design that includes AI control features, letting you command your TV and other devices using natural language – you can tell your TV that the sound is too quiet, and it’ll set about fixing it for you. Of course, there are also dedicated buttons for Google Assistant and Alexa on the Magic Remote, and multiple instant-access buttons for your favourite streaming services.

The G1 and C1 are equipped with 120Hz OLED panels, making them ideal for new-gen gaming on the PS5, Xbox Series X and even high-end gaming PCs. And on all three OLED models, Variable Refresh Rate, Auto Low-Latency Mode and Gsync/Freesync support – all arriving via the TVs’ HDMI 2.1 capability – make sure you get the best out of your games on consoles or PC.

For games, OLED screens are the most responsive you can buy (response times can be as fast as 1 millisecond), making them ideal for fast-paced, frantic multiplayer games, while the stellar HDR performance brings out all the epic colour and scope of open-world adventures. The new Game Optimiser control panel lets you tweak your TV for perfect gaming performance, too.

Movies and TV look and sound incredible, of course, thanks to next-level AI processing that uses deep learning to analyse and enhance sound and vision – Dolby Vision IQ working with the lighting conditions in the room to deliver a perfectly tuned picture, and Filmmaker Mode letting you watch movies on 4K Blu-ray or streaming services the way they were intended to be seen. For those with compatible AV equipment, the TVs’ HDMI 2.1 support also enables eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) letting you send high-definition audio via the TV to your sound system and speakers.

LG hasn’t neglected their LCD-based range either, of course – 2021’s new NANO75 with its massive 86-inch screen is something rather special indeed, at a surprisingly low price. The name comes from the NanoCell tech used in the TV’s LCD screen, which enhances colour purity and quality even at extreme viewing angles. The NANO75 inherits all the advanced AI tech from the OLED range, along with enhanced HDR in the new Nano Cinema mode and the same advanced UI and gaming features. If your goal is the biggest display possible without sacrificing picture quality – but at a fraction of the price of a comparably-sized OLED – then this may very well be the TV you’ve been looking for.

LG’s 2021 models have introduced a complete revamp of the user interface as well. WebOS 6.0 takes everything LG’s learned from their older “ribbon” menu designs and expanded it into a full-screen experience combining fast access to channels, apps, inputs and settings with a new recommendations engine that suggests content to watch based on your viewing history. It effectively evolves the onscreen menus into the equivalent of a full-featured streaming device, letting you get back to bingeing your favourite shows without having to find and load the right app first. The menus on LG’s TVs have always been fast, smooth and easy to use; now they’re smart as well!

Having pushed the boundaries of TV display quality further and further with every new generation, LG’s latest models are a bigger update than usual – and they’re among the best TVs you can buy right now.

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