If you’re presently looking to upgrade your audio options, the choices open to you in 2021 have never been better.

True wireless earbuds are still a relatively new technology, and some now ship with near-perfect noise-cancelling capabilities – a feature once the preserve of over-ear headphones. And wireless speakers with impressively long battery life open up endless possibilities for  music on the move. Where accessing top-level audio once came with an unpalatable price tag, you can now enter the market and achieve comparative sound quality at a price point that’s truly music to your ears.

That’s right, audio is our focus in July’s Life Tech. If you’re shopping for new headphones or earbuds, you’ll find a buying guide with recommendations for all tastes, budgets and intended applications. Looking for wireless speakers? Again, we’ve done the hard yards, stripping back all the technobabble and providing some solid choices including a speaker that wouldn’t be out of place at a gig, to one that fits in the palm of your hand.

And if vinyl is your passion, we’ve even slipped in some turntable know-how and buying suggestions. If you’re into audio, you’re in the right place.

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