As one of the fastest-growing TV brands in the US, TCL is a household name there, renowned for delivering excellent quality TVs loaded with features at remarkably affordable prices. Finding that niche has helped them become one of the biggest TV brands in the world – but here in Australia, they’re a more recent arrival on store shelves.

TCL’s primary goal is delivering more for less, without compromising on quality. These aren’t “budget” TVs, but rather the latest tech smartly built with an eye on price as well as cutting-edge features. It’s what made the brand famous in America, and it’s been having a similar effect here.

TCL’s new 2021 TVs continue this trend of delivering full-featured, big-screen TVs at a fraction of the price with two distinctly different models. This year, TCL has expanded its use of the Android TV operating system to bundle in the new Google TV interface, which launched late last year on Google’s own Chromecast to much acclaim.

Found on both models, Google TV brings all your apps and content together on the one easy-to-use main screen, letting you search for the stuff you want to watch and get straight to it without having to hunt through the individual apps. With full Google Assistant built in, you can even use it to control other smart devices, update you on the weather, or control the TV itself. Just yell “Hey Google” at the screen and it’s at your command.

The P725 series is the value option of the two 2021 releases, available in sizes ranging from a cosy 43-inch all the way up to a room-dominating 85-inch. No matter what the size, it comes packed with the sort of features you’d expect to pay a lot more for – including support for Dolby Vision alongside regular HDR, meaning eye-popping visuals from streaming services, 4K Blu-ray discs and video games. The TV supports TCL’s 100Hz Clear Motion Rate via their MEMC chip, delivering smooth results from everything you can throw at it. HDMI 2.1 support is on board, along with Bluetooth 5 and support for using a USB drive as a digital video recorder.

The C725 – available from 50-inch to 75-inch – steps things up in the quality department with its use of a Quantum Dot LCD panel, enabling support for Wide Colour Gamut content, which contains a vastly expanded range of colours for a much more life-like picture. It’s perfect for 4K Blu-rays, which have Wide Colour Gamut support built into every title. The C725 also adds support for HDR10+ alongside Dolby Vision, making it one of the few TVs on the market that handles both advanced forms of HDR.

Both models feature an “edgeless” design, nearly eliminating the border around the screen, and use Micro Dimming to analyse the content in real time across hundreds of areas of the picture, adjusting brightness in real time to deliver improved contrast and deep blacks.

If you’re looking for a serious TV upgrade and want serious bang for your buck, it’s well worth checking out what TCL’s 2021 models have to offer.

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