Acer have made a commitment to sustainability with a new notebook – the Acer Aspire Vero – made using Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic.

The device’s chassis will be 30 per cent PCR, while the keyboard caps will be 50 per cent. Meanwhile, the box that it ships in will be made from 80-85 per cent recycled paper pulp, and plastic packaging bags will be replaced by paper sleeves, while other packaging materials will be formed from 100 per cent industrial recycled plastic.

In other new Acer laptop news highlights, the funky Swift X has been unveiled, alongside the TravelMate Spin P6 convertible, as well as generational updates to the ConceptD and Predator ranges.

Other announcments from Acer include the reveal of SpatialLabs, “a suite of experiences empowered by cutting-edge optical solutions plus display and sensory technologies that bring the virtual world to a more physical dimension, delivering stereoscopic 3D experiences in a new, intuitive way.” SpatialLabs combines an eye-tracking stereo camera, a stereoscopic 3D display and real-time rendering technologies, which allows creators a new way to interact with their creations.

Which is a long way of saying cool new 3D tech – yay!

Check out all the latest from Acer in their new Next@Acer presentation:

Acer at JB Hi-Fi.