Ah, the great outdoors. The sun, the breeze, the atmosphere – it’s great. So, how could it possibly be better? Television!

Yes, if your wish is to be a more outdoorsy type, but the fear of TV separation is just a bit too much, Samsung now have the telly for you with a whole new category of big screen splendour.

They’ve unveiled the latest entry in their lifestyle series, The Terrace. Set to be available in 55, 65 and 75-inch sizes, these 4K QLED sets have been specially designed to be water and dust resistant for the great outdoors, with super-bright, anti-glare screens to combat that pesky sun on clearer days. Even the remote is weather resistant! Just imagine, your next sports get-together out back by the barbie, or fun family movie nights under the stars.

The Terrace TV

The Terrace doesn’t skimp on the specs, either, with a wide viewing angle and 200Hz Motion Rate, making it perfect for fast moving events such as – yes – sport! There’s even Samsung’s Intelligent Mode, which adjusts picture and sound to suit your surroundings – it’s more than up to the challenge of competing with even the rowdiest of your mates.

The Terrace comes complete with a dust cover and wall mount, and is super-easy to connect, even to the point of only requiring one cable by utilising its built-in HDBaseT receiver. HDBaseT is a single-wire system which can carry video, audio and power over reasonably long distances. The Terrace also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability, mobile connectivity, and is compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa. These TVs really are connected!

The Terrace TV

Despite the need for weather protection, which can often make for rather ugly aesthetics, the geniuses at Samsung have managed to make The Terrace look the goods, with subtle bezels and smooth, sleek lines. It looks even better with the matching new weather-resistant Terrace Soundbar, which Samsung promises packs enough oomph for outdoor viewing with a little help from its distortion cancelling technology. It also supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for quick and easy installation.

“As a nation we love the outdoors and entertaining, especially as we come into summer, and The Terrace brings outdoor entertainment to life. The Terrace is ideal to watch the big game with mates over a BBQ, or enjoy a family movie night on a warm summer’s evening,” says Hass Mahdi, Samsung Australia’s director of audio visual.

Samsung’s The Terrace and matching Terrace soundbar release this month, just in time for the AFL and NFL grand finals. Check them out at JB Hi-Fi.