Garmin’s acclaimed multisport GPS watches have become smarter and even more feature packed since the release of the Garmin Fenix 6 two years ago, with the new Fenix 7 series taking outdoor activity, sports and fitness monitoring, and location positioning to the next level.

Designed for just about any athletic and outdoor challenge you can think of – hiking, mountaineering, golfing, surfing, skiing, rowing, swimming… – the Garmin Fenix 7 series is loaded with all the dedicated, cutting edge training features and sports apps, 24/7 health and wellbeing monitoring, connected smart features and GPS navigation systems that Garmin is renowned for, along with a number of noteworthy additions and upgrades.

The new members of the Fenix family are the Fenix 7 and its solar-powered siblings – the 7 Solar, 7 Sapphire Solar and the 7X. That’s right, the Power Glass solar charging lens from the Fenix 6X Pro has been ported over into the new range to extend battery life. And the 7X also features a handy built-in LED flashlight.

A plethora of new features distinguish the Fenix 7 series, starting with an updated and ultra-rugged design with 1.2”, 1.3” and 1.4” displays tested to US military standards for thermal, shock and water resistance. The touchscreen interface has also been upgraded to be more responsive and provide faster access to functions and stats.

The all-new Garmin Vivomove – classic looks and leading smart features!

One of the more significant additions on the Sapphire Solar editions is the multi-band GNSS satellite system. Supporting GPS, GLONASS and Galileo, it utilises military grade tech for superior location accuracy even in problematic areas. You’ll always know precisely where you are with one of these babies on your wrist.

The Sapphire Solar models also include built-in sensors for a 3-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter.

All the bases are well and truly covered when it comes to global positioning.

Moreover, ardent mountain bikers, hikers and trail runners can access at-a-glance details of key trail points of interest up ahead, plus performance ometrics, distance and elevation.

Fitness metrics have also been enhanced to provide activity profiles for high intensity interval training, and a new Visual Race Predictor will assess your running history and overall fitness and estimate the potential pace required for your nominated distance. Data trends usefully track the impact of your training regime over time.

Overexertion is always a factor when indulging in high intensity outdoor sports and activities, and the Fenix 7 series has you covered with a Real Time Stamina function that tracks and manages data relating to physical exertion to help you avoid overdoing it. And the new Health Monitoring Activity feature uses data from body status sensors to provide at-a-glance tracking of daily biometric and wellness trends.

Garmin has catered for aquatic activities, too – you won’t need to remove the watch when swimming, surfing or snorkelling. With a 10ATM water rating, the Fenix 7 series will withstand pressures to a depth of 100 metres. Just be sure not to take it scuba diving!

The Fenix 7 series also boasts considerable battery life – the Solar editions will stay powered for up to 18 days of indoor use, 22 days when solar charging in smartwatch mode, and 57 and 73 hours (solar) in GPS mode.

With upgraded aesthetics and all-new functions, Garmin’s Fenix 7 series improves upon previous Fenix iterations, providing the kind of specialised fitness, health and wellbeing data, training features, and enhanced GPS and map services that are vital in the pursuit of outdoor sports and active adventure.

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Garmin’s Fenix 7 series enhances topographical map and ski resort functions to take the stress out of navigating unfamiliar terrain.
Wherever you are in the world and whatever your spirit of adventure, keep your explorations and activities on track with access to Multicontinent Topo Maps. This feature lets you view terrain contours of hiking trails and summits and assess the layouts of parks, coastlines, rivers, lakes and other geographical features that you plan to conquer.
Simply download the Garmin TopoActive Map for your desired destination, or if you have the Sapphire Solar edition, the local region comes preloaded. You’ll never get lost again, and will know in advance the physical challenges that lay ahead.
And if you plan to hit the slopes, the preloaded SkiView map function provides quick access to run names and difficulty ratings for over 2,000 ski resorts worldwide.