If you want a premium PC experience, then look no further than a laptop based on the groundbreaking Intel Evo platform.

What is it?
At the heart of Intel Evo is Intel’s 11th Gen Core i5 or i7 mobile processors. Building on this foundation, and working with the world’s leading manufacturers, Intel Evo platform-based designs have been put through over a million Intel engineering hours to create laptops that truly inspire.

If it’s Intel Evo verified, you can be sure that your laptop will deliver exceptional performance.

We expect our laptop to perform, even when it’s under heavy workload – multiple applications open, intensive processing and constant switching between tasks. Intel Evo-based laptops have been tested under these real-world conditions, and still boast these top shelf specs:

  • Up to 2.7x faster real-world photo editing and up to 2x faster real-world video editing versus competitive products.
  • Nine+ hours of battery life on laptops with full HD display. Travel light, without a charger.
    Nearly three times faster internet with Intel’s built in Wi-Fi 6 technology, compared with standard Wi-Fi.
  • Wakes in less than a second, and 40 per cent more responsive than a comparable two-year-old laptop.
  • Thunderbolt 4 ensures the best version of USB4, delivering 40Gb/s of bandwidth for data and video through a single-cable connection.
  • Four or more hours of battery life in a 30-minute charge on laptops with full HD display.
  • Along with Intel Iris Xe graphics, the total system on a chip can deliver up to 2x higher frame rates on popular games. No need for a dedicated GPU means thin and light laptop designs.


Why it’s important:
We demand more of our device as it’s become critical to all aspects of life. An Intel Evo verified laptop is assurance that your personal device meets or exceeds high benchmarks for responsiveness, battery life, connectivity, audio and display.

Have peace of mind that your laptop has been optimised for today’s fast pace, at work or at play.

Thin and light with gaming might
Think you need a dedicated graphics card for heavy duty gaming on a laptop? Think again.
Intel is out to reclaim its spot as the top dog in CPUs. In fact, they boast that their new 11th Gen Intel Core Processor ‘is the world’s best processor for thin and light laptops.’ Firstly, the top of the line 11th Gen Intel i7 has an impressive clock speed of 4.8 GHz. This versatile processor is able to run popular games with frame rates up to 2x faster. Benchmarking against competitive processors by Intel has demonstrated this. A big part of their secret sauce is the new Intel Iris Xe Graphics – the integrated graphics processor in the 11th Gen Intel i5 and i7’s system on a chip design. Thanks to the Iris Xe Graphics, you can play some popular games at 1080p with much higher frame rates. This integrated GPU makes a light laptop perfect for everyday multitasking, while also being a gaming beast when you need full immersion.


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