Discovering cool new technology is an exciting prospect! Each month we take a look at some of the latest tech products available from JB Hi-Fi.

Arlo Video Doorbell

What: Arlo Video Doorbell

Arlo has been plying its trade in the home security market for six years now. The brand is synonymous with quality and now launches the video doorbell, a system that can be easily retrofitted into an existing electric doorbell. The slim – and indeed sleek – design features a 180-degree field of view with a square aspect ratio. So what does that mean in English? It can see whoever is at the door completely from head-to-toe. Once the bell is pressed, users receive a video call direct to their phone, eliminating any app lag. HDR video, motion detection and night vision round out the package.

Who: Anyone looking for a security camera solution at the front door. Visitors can then be vetted whether you’re home or not.

Homedics Black UV-Clean Phone Sanitiser

What: Homedics Black UV-Clean Phone Sanitiser

Why: How clever is this? Given our current predicament, there has probably never been a better time to invest in one of these! Smartphones attract all kinds of gunk, and using UV-CLEAN purportedly kills 99.9 per cent of all bacteria and viruses without using chemicals. Simply pop your phone in the case and in 60 seconds, both sides of your phone are cleaned using UV LED lighting. One charge gets you 70 cleans, so why stop at just phones; credit cards, keys, and your laptop mouse can all be cleaned using the Homedics sanitiser.

Who: Anyone who is keen to eliminate the presence of viruses and bacteria on their smartphones.

FitBit Charge 4

What: FitBit Charge 4

Why: In the history of Australia, have there ever been more people exercising than there have been over the last two months? We strongly doubt it, and the Charge 4 is on hand (literally) to cater for this wave of active citizens. Now featuring built-in GPS, the Charge 4 has an OLED touchscreen and is waterproofed for up to 50 metres, so it will be popular with swimmers. Spotify and FitBit Pay functionality are included as is a new exercise planner called Active Zone Minutes – a system that tracks your heart rate to ensure you’re meeting set targets.

Who: This is perfect for those looking to step up their fitness regime and track their progress.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

What: Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Why: The perfect accompaniment for working from home, the 13.5” Microsoft Surface 3 is light and features a sleek design, a high resolution 2256 x 1504 touchscreen, overall improved performance utilising the Intel Iris Pro graphics card, and a larger trackpad than its predecessor. A fast charge system means that the Surface Laptop 3 can go from zero per cent to 80 in just one hour, and a full charge will power through 11.5 hours of charge.

Who: The consumer who enjoys portability with the benchmark of quality control.