Discovering cool new technology is an exciting prospect! Each month we take a look at some of the latest tech products available from JB Hi-Fi.

Razer Tomahawk

What: Razer Tomahawk gaming desktop

Why: When thoughts turn to desktop computers, visions of huge, unwieldy boxes tend to come to mind. But with the advent of Intel’s NUC architecture, the size of PCs is shrinking, while their power continues to increase. Razer’s Tomahawk enters the fray in possibly the most stylish looking compact desktop case that you’ll have ever seen, delivering sleek lines in classic black, with just a touch of RGB lighting to highlight that it’s something special. Perfect for the gamer, the professional or the creator, inside the box sits an Intel Core i9-9980HK processor, a 512GB SSD plus a 2TB HDD for masses of storage, 16GB of DDR RAM and a full-size NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Founders Edition graphics card. There’s Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 support, plus a wealth of USB, Thunderbolt 3, ethernet, audio and video ports at the back.

Who: Want a super-powerful desktop that’s stylish and doesn’t take over your entire space? Look no further!

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Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

What: Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) smart home display

Why: Google have updated their already impressive Nest Hub with even more features to make your smart home smarter. Naturally you can still watch shows, check out the latest on YouTube and stream your music, and all of those will benefit from improved audio, with the new Nest Hub delivering around 50 per cent more bass – and you can never have too much bass, right? You can also still view photos, control your smart home (even more with new Thread support), keep track of appointments and get the answer to pretty much any question that you can throw at it, plus now the Nest Hub can even help you track your sleep.

Who: Anybody who wants to be connected – both when awake and now also when asleep!

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FujiFilm Instax Mini 40

What: FujiFilm Instax Mini 40 instant camera

Why: Most of us have phones, which means most of us have cameras with us at all times. But something in the photographic experience has been lost in the digital age, the ceremony – that feeling of specialness posing for a photo and then having it pop out from the camera, ready to view (and treasure) minutes later. The Instax Mini 40 celebrates the instant camera experience, while bringing certain modern sensibilities along for the ride – including contact sheet-styled printing via the new mini-format Instax film, automatic exposure and a pull-out lens for the new photographic classic, the selfie.

Who: Got a sense of classic style, and want the old school tactile photo experience? Say hello to your new camera!

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LG Gram

What: LG Gram laptops

Why: If you schlep a laptop around a lot then you want it to be lightweight – but not in the performance department. LG deliver with their new Gram range, available in 14”, 16” and 17” sizes with super-impressive battery life of up to 25.5 hours, and all packing either the latest 11th generation Intel i5 or i7 processors to run the show. These are seriously zippy processors, more than up for the task of anything from everyday productivity to movie watching, content creation, other creative pursuits and, of course, the odd spot of gaming. Add the connectivity of Thunderbolt 4, DTS:X Ultra 3D audio, stunning 16:10 screens and speedy SSD storage, and you’re ready for anything.

Who: The perfect laptop for the constantly on-the-go person who needs to have serious computing power on call at all times.

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