Those clever tech wizards at LG have unveiled an absolutely massive – super-seriously massive – 325-inch LED telly.

Putting aside the fact that it’d never fit in most of our homes (says this flat-dweller who has a mere 55-inch telly taking up much of one wall), the price might be a slight deterrent for all but the most fervent, space-rich and downright money-oozing types – around $2.3 million Aussie dollarydoos!

This 8K mega-teev goes under the name Direct View LED Extreme Home Cinema, packs a phenomenal 33 million micro-LEDs and weighs in at just over 1000 kilograms. In all it measures around 7.2 metres wide and just over 4 metres tall. “Big” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

If it helps seal the deal, that whopperous price for a whopperous television does include a flight case, which implies that the screen is modular.

We’d reach out to LG for a review unit, but we reckon they’d tell us we’re dreamin’ – and we’d need to hire out an aircraft hangar in which to set it up.

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