You can always rely on the CES to bring new TV news, and you can always rely on LG to be at the forefront of OLED technology.

This year is no excpetion, with the latest in their ground-breaking OLED televisions unveiled.

If you’re not up with OLED technology, it’s the biggest and best that you can get in TV tech, with each individual pixel able top be off or on, depending upon what’s required. This means if black is called for, there’s absolutely perfect black, with no backlight to shine through and grey up proceedings.

OLED tech also allows for thinner screens – perfect for wall mounting – and LG have even shown off rollable versions that emerge from a box like a blind, and can be put back in again when not required.

The latest evolution of LG’s OLED is heading to the G2 series – the successor to 2021’s G1 – and, in excellent news, select new C2 releases as well. We’re promised further enhanced brightness capabilities from the OLED evo panel, via the new LG Alpha 9 Gen 5 intelligent processor. This clever chip also allows for smarter upscaling of lower resolution content such as DVDs, as well as improving sound from the inbuilt speakers to provide virtual 7.1.2 surround  sound –  that’s a simulation of seven speakers around you, one subwoofer and two height channels.

Size is also on the menu this year, with the 48″ 55″, 65″, 77″ and 83″ models being joined by a huge new sibling in a 97″ screen, as well as a smaller 42″ model that’s likely set to become the must-have screen for gamers worldwide.


The across-the-board improvements continue, with ease of use at the fore via webOS 22, which introduces personal profiles so each user can have their own customised setup for favourite streaming services, and tailored content recommendations. You can even receive real time alerts to keep up with favourite sports teams! Meanwhile, NFC Magic Tap allows useers to mirror a mobile device screen to an LG TV, or even mirror content from one LG TV to another in the home – alleviating the need for separate boxes.

If, like many, you’re into making your home a smart one, 2022 LG TVs are now smart home hubs via their ThinQ AI technology, with full support for the new smart industry standard Matter.

Gamers, especially those who’ve snaffled a PS5 or Xbox Series X, will be delighted with full HDMI 2.1  and 4K 120Hz support. A raft of new options created especially with gamers in mind also features, including a special dark room mode.

Meanwhile, fitness buffs can get into workouts via new health platfrom LG Fitness, and dance fans will even be able to get their move son to the latest in K-pop via 1M Home Dance, in collaboration with top choreography team 1MILLION Dance Studio.

Find out a whole lot about LG’s latest OLED releases in this handy video:

LG OLED at JB Hi-Fi.