Let’s face it, peripherals such as keyboards and mice for your everyday productivity tasks are pretty boring. But that’s now a thing of the past, as Logitech’s new Pop range is here to liven things up.

The spearhead of the range is the Pop Keys wireless mechanical keyboard. Expertly straddling the line between retro and modern, its round keys give off a cool, classic typewriter vibe, and no matter which of three colour schemes you go for, it certainly looks the goods.

Those colours? Even their names ooze fun. You can go for a ‘Daydream Mint’, ‘Heartbreaker Rose’ or the brilliant ‘Blast Yellow’, all of which feature contrasting shades to add to the experience.

Logitech Pop Keys

Logitech Pop Keys

Logitech Pop Keys

The Pop range isn’t just about looking fabulous though, as there’s some seriously good tech at work inside. Rather than just utilising membrane technology, the Pop Keys is a fully-fledged mechanical keyboard – and yes, every key press makes that satisfying “clack” sound. They’re also built to last, with a claimed 50 million click lifespan – that’s a LOT of typing!

Around 75 per cent the size of a typical keyboard with a numerical keypad, the Pop Keys is easy to pop into a backpack or bag. If you’re wondering where those extra key functionalities have gone, the Pop Keys utilises function keys for accessing several must-have niceties such as media controls. There’s also a built-in bulge underneath to place the Pop Keys at an optimal angle for typing.

Then there’s the connectivity. The Pop Keys delivers both Bluetooth and Logitech’s proprietary Logi Bolt wireless USB functionalities. The latter utilises a USB dongle that lives inside the unit when not in use, and delivers quick, fuss-free connection to your Windows PC or Mac, while the Pop Keys Bluetooth implementation allows easy connectivity beyond the realm of the computer – hook it into your tablet or mobile and say “See ya!” to clunky onscreen typing. Up to three devices can be hooked into one Pop Keys at once, too – how’s that for multitasking?!

“The Pop range isn’t just about looking fabulous though, as there’s some seriously good tech at work inside.”

It just takes two AAA batteries (they’re preinstalled) to power the Pop Keys, and with a predicted lifespan of around three years per pair, you won’t be continually required to replace them.

So, it’s functional and it’s good-looking – if that killer pairing isn’t enough, then look at that shiny ‘ESC’ key and, even cooler, those programmable emoji keys! Yep, emoji keys. They’re able to be set via an app so that you get instant emoji upon a single press, and the Pop Keys arrives with four more easily exchangeable options in the box – a heart, thumbs-up, flame and “thank you” hands. Not into emojis? No big deal, you can program another keyboard functionality that you use a lot for that one quick and easy press.

We finally managed to banish beige from the keyboard world a while back, and now Logitech’s Pop Keys makes the next big advance in bringing some life to the home or office workspace.


You’ve made your colour choice and have your Pop Keys, so why not complete the set?

Three different Pop Mouse variants are available, each designed specifically to match your chosen Pop Keys colour. No matter which you choose, you’ll get Logitech’s whisper-quiet click SilentTouch tech at work, as well as a dedicated emoji button that’s supported by the same Logitech software that powers their functionality on the Pop Keys.

Logitech Pop Mouse

Like the Pop Keys, the Pop Mouse connects via Bluetooth or Logi Bolt. It takes one AA battery with an estimated life of up to two years.

Want more? Complete the ensemble with a matching anti-slip Logitech Desk Mat, with a colour to match whichever Pop Keys and Mouse combo you’ve plumped for, be it ‘Dark Rose’, ‘Mid Grey’ or ‘Lavender’.

Logitech Pop

The Logitech Pop range is available now at JB Hi-Fi.

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