Huawei is renowned for its technological advances and innovations in the field of health and fitness monitoring wearables, and its new range of smart sports watches – the GT Runner and GT3 series – offer a suite of scientifically developed features to help you achieve your personal best.

Running is a great way to get fit, stay fit, and reduce stress. It’s addictive, and the resulting endorphin rush is a bonus. Whether you’re clocking laps of an oval or training for a marathon, it’s important to get a detailed picture of the physical effects to properly balance training intensity and recovery time.

Huawei’s new GT Runner professional sports watch is the perfect running mate, designed for those who take their activity seriously and want to dig deeper into performance metrics, monitor physical wellbeing, and personalise training and recovery sessions. Beginners will also benefit from the personal coaching options available.

Huawei GT Runner

An ultra-lightweight 38.5g, it’s built for comfort and designed for greater air circulation at the wrist, increasing sweat resistance in tandem with a 5ATM water resistance rating. The 1.43” AMOLED touchscreen has an always-on mode and there’s a dedicated watch face for at-a-glance progress metrics and physical monitoring, as well as all-important weather forecasts.

Along with 100+ workout modes that run the gamut from running, skiing, hiking, swimming and even jumping rope, a key feature that will prove invaluable to regular runners is the personal AI Running Coach, which analyses and aggregates weekly running data and tailors upcoming sessions according to performance and fatigue levels. There’s also a handy Running Index that tabulates your current level, so you can tweak schedules, set new goals, and properly balance rest and recovery.

Physical wellbeing tracking is taken up a notch, too, with 96% accurate real time heart rate monitoring (within 10bpm) powered by Huawei’s TruSeen™ 50+ technology, advanced SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation) and skin temperature monitoring, plus sleep cycle tracking to assist in assessing energy demands. And exclusive to the GT Runner is a Lactate Threshold function to track the build up of lactic acid in muscles, which can lead to soreness and muscle fatigue.

Huawei GT Runner

Linking the GT Runner to the Huawei Health App increases functionality with more detailed metrics, and it’s also compatible with popular third party running apps.

GPS performance has also been boosted with dual band five-system GNSS and a floating antenna design separate from the watch body to increase signal strength. Calls can be conveniently taken directly from the watch when it’s paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth, and battery life will stay the distance – a full charge takes 90 minutes and will last 14 days when GPS use is minimised.

Complementing the GT Runner is Huawei’s new GT 3 series sports watches, with a focus on fitness tracking and sharing much of the GT Runner’s DNA – including the AI Running Coach and enhanced biometric sensors. 

Huawei GT 3 – 46mm

   These elegant watches boast a thin and light body for maximum comfort and are available in two sizes, 42mm and 46mm, with large edge-to-edge AMOLED displays for higher clarity – 1.32” and 1.43” respectively – and customisable faces for analogue or digital.

A very cool feature of the GT 3 series is the watch face’s rotating crown, which lets you zoom in and out of the grid display, easily scroll through the menu (complete with haptic feedback), and adjust volume. Swimmers who find it difficult to navigate a touchscreen with wet hands will welcome this addition, along with the watch’s 5ATM water resistance rating.

Like the GT Runner, the 46mm GT 3’s battery life is 14 days from a single charge, and half that for the 42mm model.

With their diverse workout modes and training options, accurate monitoring of fitness and health metrics, and long life batteries, Huawei’s GT Runner and GT 3 series sports watches are the next best thing to having a 24/7 personal trainer strapped to your wrist.

Huawei GT 3 – 42mm

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