Samsung have announced that the new One UI Watch4.5 will soon be available for their Galaxy Watch devices, promising “a more complete watch experience”.

For starters, this new One UI Watch4.5 release is set to offer a better typing experience, with a full QWERTY keyboard with “Swipe to type” shoehorned into the devices. Seamless switching between texting inputs at any time has also been added, allowing users to go, say, from dictating a message to typing in mere seconds should there be flapping ears in your presence.

For those who use their Galaxy Watch to keep in touch, they will now support dual SIM. Users can set their preferred SIM on their Galaxy smartphone and then have it automatically synced on their Galaxy Watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Accessibility features have also been updated, with great news for those with issues seeing colours. The watch face display can now be adjusted to any preferred hue, while contrast can be boosted for better legibility. Effects such as blur and transparency can be reduced, and animations can be turned off. Meanwhile, there’s auditory assistance for those who are hard of hearing, allowing users to balance the sound from the left and right audio output for their connected Bluetooth headset.

Galaxy One UI Watch4.5 is down for a release in the third quarter of 2022, and we’re promised that there’ll be more features announced before it hits.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4

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