Wouldn’t it be great if we all had time to spend ages in the kitchen, concocting scrumptious dishes for the whole family to wow at? Yeah, we know, most of us just don’t. Great news! Even if your life is crazy-busy, you’ll have time to get the best out of a Philips All-in-One Cooker.

Whether it’s creating something special for the evening meal or making batches of food for freezing, the benefits of a cooker such as this are many. Unlike those knives that were advertised as cutting, chopping, slicing, dicing and many other words that all essentially meant the same thing, a Philips All-in-One Cooker is truly versatile, allowing you to bake, steam, pressure cook, slow cook, stew, sauté – it even makes yummy yoghurt!

Available in two handy stainless-steel models, the range kicks off with the 1300w HD2237/72. This beauty delivers a six-litre capacity, and couldn’t be easier to use. Pop your ingredients inside the super-durable, scratch-resistant, five-layer ProCeramic+ coating inner pot, and then you just have to select a pre-programmed button, and get on with your life while Philips gets things done for you.

If you have a bigger crew to feed, or want to go big with meaty meals, then the next model up, the Philips HD2238/72, just might be the ticket. Able to cater for 14 hungry mouths, it delivers all that the HD2237/72 does, but has a larger eight-litre capacity, 1500 watts of power for speedier warm-up (meaning faster cooking time) and 20 pre-set functions, even including one for those with a sweet tooth, jam. Yum!

The pre-sets are a truly wonderful thing, not only taking the guesswork out of cooking, but letting you leave your Philips cooker to just get things sorted, in turn letting you get things sorted outside of the kitchen.

The recent resurgence of slow cookers had had many people giving them cupboard space – and that’s often where they’ve stayed after one or two outings. The Philips All-in-One Cooker is one of those dream appliances that you can park on the bench, as it has so many uses. Just one of the benefits is that they can take care of all your slow-cooking needs, but with the ability to accomplish cooking feats far beyond your plain old one-trick slowpoke. Pile in your ingredients, set it to cook and go off to work, for example, then come home to a ready-to-devour meal. You can even set your Philips cooker to keep things nice and warm once they’ve cooked.

Some might be wary of leaving food cooking while away, which is why Philips have engineered nine safety protection systems onboard their cookers, for that extra peace of mind.

If the idea of not having to hang around the kitchen like a bad smell, and instead getting on with things and coming back to a good smell, appeals then a Philips All-in-One Cooker may be your golden ticket to culinary freedom.

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