The technology powering home projectors continues to progress in leaps and bounds, with even greater luminosity and image quality, bigger screen sizes, more in-built entertainment options, and the convenience of portability merged with premium features. So let’s unpack some of the exciting new models hitting the market.

Nebula is a relatively new player in the home projector space and have come to the party this year with a premium, fully portable projector packing cutting edge image enhancement tech and smart features you wouldn’t normally expect to find in a unit you can pick up and take anywhere.

Boasting a sturdy design (that’s not unlike the radios you see on a building site) with an ergonomic handle, the Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K Projector is bigger than most portable projectors, and so is the image it can create. A short throw projector with 25,000 hours of laser life, it has a 1.27:1 throw ratio that can expand the screen size to a whopping 150 inches.

The Cosmos also has a considerably higher level of brightness than most portables, with 2,400 ISO lumens maintaining top-notch picture quality even with the lights on. Moreover, the Laser Forge Image Engine further enhances brightness, along with colour saturation and contrast.

Designed for convenience, the Nebula Cosmos does all the set-up work for you, using Intelligent Environment Adaptation (IEA) – a sensor that analyses the room layout to auto-fit the screen size and position the image to match.
The key functions are also fully automatic – seamless autofocus ensures the picture always remains sharp and clear, while the Auto Keystone Correction feature will detect and correct any image distortion and align it accordingly without the use of a grid overlay. There is also Advanced Eye Guard, which will automatically detect when somebody walks in front of the projector and dim the beam so they aren’t “blinded by the light”.

Bring on the blockbusters! The Cosmos supports 4K resolution with HDR10 – another huge plus for a portable projector – and there’s no shortage of entertainment options, with built-in Android TV 10.0 offering over 400,000 movies and shows to access from 7,000-plus apps, as well as Chromecast for mirroring content from other smart devices.

It also delivers in the sound department, with 30W power, dual 5W tweeters, 5.1 channel audio with EQ, and AiFi tech to create the kind of immersive, true 3D soundscape that a 150” screen size demands.

Offering the versatility of home theatre and outdoor usage, along with premium features and image quality, the Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K is a beauty that brings portable projectors in line with their high-end indoor-specific counterparts.

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This lightweight and versatile portable projector from Samsung sports an atypical design that complements the innovative suite of features it offers.

The Freestyle Portable Smart Full HD Projector combines classic LED projection tech with smart speaker and smart lighting capabilities in one compact capsule that’s good to go in minutes straight out of the box. And it’s built to last, with 20,000 hours of lamp life.

Where traditional projectors are generally designed to sit in one central position to the screen, the Freestyle’s pivoting cradle design takes point-and-project simplicity to the next level. The in-built stand rotates 180 degrees, allowing the user to direct the beam at virtually any surface that can double as a screen, for an instant cinematic experience. Point it at the ceiling for big screen viewing in bed, or the bathroom wall while soaking in the tub.

Screen size is also fully adjustable – simply position the Freestyle at a distance to suit your desired viewing size – 30” up to a massive 100”– and enjoy Full HD 1080p image quality with vivid colours and 500 lumens of brightness.

Samsung Freestyle

Auto Levelling will quickly adjust a skewed image into a rectangular presentation if the projector is placed on an uneven surface, while autofocus keeps things sharp on whatever you decide to use as a screen.

The Wi-Fi enabled Freestyle features Samsung’s smart TV interface for access to streaming services, and mirroring and casting from smart devices can be achieved using the SmartThings app. Voice control is via the usual suspects – Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung’s very own Bixby – with far-field microphones to pick up and carry out your commands from a distance.

Sound-wise, the Freestyle packs a “dual passive radiator”, which means clear audio is radiated 360-degrees from the unit, ensuring an immersive soundscape wherever you are sitting.

This versatile projector can even serve as a mood lighting generator, thanks to a special translucent lens cap. This feature can be coupled with the Bluetooth smart speaker integration to deliver magical musical lightshows synced to your tunes.

Adding to the convenience factor, the Freestyle is external battery compatible using the included USB-C cable, although external batteries must be USB-PD and 50W/20V output or above. It can be wherever you are – bedroom, backyard, beach, campsite, and beyond.

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Hisense continues to innovate and expand its premium range of laser projectors in 2022 with the addition of the 120-inch TriChroma Laser Cinema (120L9G), offering higher resolution, sharper contrast and crisp, lifelike images.

“As a market leader and manufacturer of premium appliances, we’ve paid close attention to the needs of our consumers, and the 120-inch TriChroma Laser Cinema is testament to this,” said Nick Peters, Head of Marketing, Hisense Australia. “Equipped with class-leading technology within both the console and screen, the TriChroma Laser delivers an end-to-end entertainment experience that exceeds expectations of the modern Australian household.”

Hisense’s TriChroma Laser Cinema projector not only boasts a huge 120” screen size, it also utilises advanced cinema-grade tech to produce crisper and sharper images along with wider RGB colour range via lasers that emit red, green and blue light for consistent high colour accuracy and truly stunning results.

Hisense 120” Trichroma Laser CInema

With 3,000 lumens of brightness, the TriChroma laser is perfectly suited for both bright and dark rooms, with the bold colours and voluminous blacks native to HDR content reproduced in all lighting conditions.
The unit also boasts microsecond-level processor response and motion rate that is ten times faster than that of OLED, delivering silky smooth action in movies, gaming and sports.

Hisense’s smart TV interface has been incorporated, consolidating entertainment apps in one convenient menu, as well as a built-in TV tuner for free-to-air channels. And there are HDMI ports for external device connection, adding even more entertainment options.

And that’s not all. The generous folk at Hisense have included an Ambient Light Rejecting Screen in the purchase price (via redemption through Hisense) to ensure you get the best possible viewing experience when using the TriChroma Laser Cinema.

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