It’s been coming for a while, and now Microsoft are in the throes of completely killing off their old Internet Explorer browser.

Launched in 1995, it’s the browser that many of us first experienced the internet with, but its retirement was signalled by Microsoft’s change to their Edge browser as the Windows default in 2020.

While many have made the change to Edge – it has an estimated 212 million users worldwide – surprising figures indicate that some nine million are still clinging to their IE.

With Microsoft now wrapping up support for the legacy browser, coming months will see updates going out to disable it entirely, pushing users to Microsoft Edge (or, of course, other browser options such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari).

So long Internet Explorer, hoping you enjoy your retirement.

Here’s a traipse down memory lane – an ad for the original Internet Explorer, with musical accompaniment from the totally fab Shonen Knife:

Windows 11 at JB Hi-Fi.