If you think that you’ve seen it all in projectors then think again, for Samsung’s new Freestyle, revealed at CES 2022, really ups the ante.

Designed for portability, flexibility and complete ease of use, the Freestyle doesn’t look like your typical projector, nor does it behave like one.

It combines classic projection technology for the 21st century with smart speaker and smart lighting capabilities, all in one very handy little package that weighs in at a mere 830 grams.

While traditional projectors aren’t particularly manoeuvrable, the Freestyle’s cradle design allows for ease of movement – change the angle however you wish and project your vision on, well, pretty much anything. Want to watch on the ceiling while lazing in bed? Just angle your Freestyle straight up – sorted!

There’s a whole lot of clever tech at work inside the Freestyle, from auto-levelling features and autofocus that works on pretty much any surface to an ability to adjust to different wall colours – if you don’t have expansive white walls you can still project and get crisp, clean and vibrant vision thanks to the device’s cleverness.

Just want a small projection? No worries. Want a massive 100″ projection? Still no worries! With its easy portability, you can find pretty much anywhere to place the Freestyle at a distance to suit your desired screen size. The Freestyle even delivers smart TV features, such as streaming services and mirroring and casting, and is controllable by the usual voice control suspects.

Sure, but what about the sound? The Freestyle packs a “dual passive radiator”, which means clean and deep bass that’s radiated 360-degrees from the unit.

The versatile Freestyle can even serve as a mood lighting generator thanks to a special translucent lens cap, and this feature can be coupled with the smart speaker integration for magical musical light shows. These can be wherever you go, too, as the Freestyle can work off USB power banks.

Set for release in Australia on February 7, Samsung’s Freestyle can be pre-ordered from JB Hi-Fi from January 17.