It really is the end of an era, as Apple’s world-changing portable music player the iPod is being pensioned off.

Yes, the tech behemoth has announced that they’ve discontinued the one remaining iPod model, the 2019 iteration of the iPod Touch, so when current stocks are gone, they’re gone for good.

iPod Touch

iPod Touch (7th generation)

The original iPod landed in 2001, and soon sparked quite the revolution in music, that saw people worldwide ditching their physical music collecitons for the convenience of portability. Mind you, most people we know who did get rid of their CDs have lived to regret it, with many tunes becoming impossible to find in the world of streaming, and that tactility of something that exists beyond the virtual world being increasingly desirable.

iPod Classic

iPod Classic generations

Over the years, several models of the iPod appeared between the six generations of the original one with its built-in hard drive, and the rather iPhone like Touch. The reduced size Mini appeared in 2004 housing a small Microdrive hard drive, before the even smaller Nano – the first iPod with flash memory – arrived, lasting for seven generations with several different designs.

iPod Mini

iPod Mini

iPod Nano

iPod Nano generations

Apple then brought miniaturisation of the iPod to new levels with the Shuffle, which in its four eventual designs eschewed a screen for a powerful device that was so tiny it could easily be lost or misplaced.

iPod Shuffle

iPod Shuffle generations

Apple have spun the discontinuation announcement, claiming that “the spirit of iPod lives on” via the music playing features of their other products. Try as we might, we can’t squeeze a Mac into our pocket, but the iPhone, sure!

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Here’s a memory – the first iPod ad, from back in 2001: