Artificially intelligent whitegoods might sound like some sort of bonkers Terminator-like B-movie scenario, but it’s all part of the ongoing connectivity of the smart home ecosystem, making everyday household chores a lot easier to manage.

Samsung’s 8.5kg Smart AI Front Load Washer and 8kg Smart AI Heat Pump Dryer make the perfect match to revolutionise your laundry – and get a family-sized load done in one go, thanks to their voluminous drums.

The AI control in both is pattern recognition tech, which personalises your washing and drying by recognising and remembering laundry habits and history and suggesting the optimal cycles accordingly. When used in tandem, the Auto Cycle link function automatically selects the perfect drying cycle – and pairing with the SmartThings app gives you further control and remote access to start, stop, and set desired cycles.

Moreover, for further convenience, the front loader’s Laundry Planner curates your daily wash cycle to better manage finish times, and is also equipped with advanced steam cycles that reduce common bacteria by up to 99per cent for a germ-free wash.

The washing cycle is incredibly thorough, too, with a Bubble Wash option that premixes detergent and air into effervescent foam at the start of the cycle, while the Bubble Soak prewash option soaks garments in froth for even cleaner results.

The dryer’s AI is equally intuitive, with eight sensors monitoring temperature and humidity levels in the drum and adjusting drying time accordingly. And the Wrinkle Prevent option, which spins the drum without heat for up to 180 mins, reduces creases and makes ironing a breeze.

One of the things we love about the Samsung Smart AI Washer is that it eliminates the bane of all front loader owners – the inability to toss in forgotten items after the door is closed and the wash cycle has begun. An Add Wash door in the main portal lets you easily add stray garments for washing, rinsing, or spin-drying.

Lengthy washing and drying cycles can be a hindrance when you’re in a hurry, and both the washer and dryer have this sorted too. A Quick Wash cycle will clean a 2kg load in just 15 minutes, while a small load’s drying time can be reduced to 35 minutes.

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Another benefit is auto maintenance – the Drum Clean function removes grime and residual detergent with a blast of water and a fast spin, and will even notify you when the next clean is ready, while a water flushing system strips the tray of soap residue. And for those of us who find the task of picking lint from a dryer’s filter a strangely satisfying process, the smart dryer’s mesh filter collects it all into one handy location.

Want further convenience? The dryer is fitted with a reversible door that gives you the option to change which side it’s hinged – particularly useful if laundry space is limited or a pesky shelf edge creates an obstacle.

Washing and drying can consume a lot of power but Samsung’s smart washer and dryer are highly energy efficient, with 4.5-star and 9-star ratings respectively, and energy-saving heat pump tech (a condenser that removes moisture) in the latter.
Samsung’s powerful washer and dryer combo look stellar in a black finish and can be stacked or placed side by side, as per your laundry’s layout. But most importantly, they’ll turn a household chore into set-and-forget simplicity. The one thing they won’t do, however, is solve the age-old mystery of where that inevitably missing sock really does go.

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