Ever been on your phone and worried about random noises coming from your side of the conversation? Lawn mowers, toddlers, washing machines, those chocolate chip cookies that you just can’t help munching on…?

Well, Microsoft have been busy tweaking their artificial intelligence software in order to filter such non-you sounds out. If it isn’t your voice, it isn’t heard by the other party – or parties – on your call.

For now, the tech has been implemented in Microsoft Teams, their workplace meeting/chat/call software for Office 365 users. A Microsoft representative demonstrated the technology by rummaging about in a bag of potato chips while he spoke. Yes, you guessed it, his voice came through clearly without all the extraneous crunchtastic noise.

With more people than ever using Teams to keep in touch, it’s great news – as is another new feature Microsoft unveiled, which blurs out the background while keeping the caller in focus. Cool, no need to do that obsessive tidy up before chatting now!

Hopefully the noise squashing AI will trickle out to mobile phones sooner rather than later, as there’s huge potential to bring clarity to such things as Bluetooth car calls or just any contact from noisy places.

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