When it comes to talk of premium headphones, Sony is a name that you’ll hear a lot. Their new WH-1000XM5 model brings the features folk have loved about Sony’s headphones for years to a wireless form, with outstanding noise cancelling features.

Active noise cancelling tech has become a standard feature of premium over-ear headphones but Sony has taken it to the next level here, utilising a multiple microphone array that’s controlled by their proprietary HD Noise Cancelling Processor N1 and Integrated Processor V1 to block out even more external sounds. Hearing is believing – we put these to the test at a noisy football game and the crowd was duly muted! There is also the option to activate the Auto NC Optimiser, which adjusts the NC on the fly according to the levels of outside racket.

Calls will also come through crisp and clear without outside interference – these cans feature Precise Voice Pickup tech that uses four beamforming mics and an AI-based algorithm to keep talk front and centre. It also takes the wind out of your conversation – literally – on a blustery day. The Speak-to-Chat function conveniently auto stops music when a call comes in, and the tune will resume when you’re done. Google and Alexa voice assistant support adds a further level of convenience for calls, track and Spotify Tap access, noise cancelling control and more.


Sony WH-1000XM5

The intuitive and incredibly responsive touch sensor controls are positioned on the right ear cup and a simple swipe controls volume level and track selection. And should you wish to let in the outside world, just cup your hand over the sensors and the cans will comply.

How do they sound? Phenomenal! The XM5’s 30mm driver unit delivers strong bass that doesn’t compromise the mid-range, and there are a plethora of customisation options when connected to the Sony Headphones connect app. Hi-Res Audio formats are also supported and digital files are upscaled in real time for a purer and more authentic sound.

Equally important is the the fit, and these headphones are super comfy with stylish soft leather cups that create a snug fit. Combined with the outstanding noise cancelling, you’ll be immersed in a personal sonic bubble will full control over what you want to hear.

The battery life is a generous 30 hours with ANC and up to 40 with Bluetooth use only, and the cans can be stashed in a collapsible storage case.

Feature-packed and designed for ease of use, Sony’s WH-100XM5 headphones are the noise cancelling cans you’ve been looking for, and come highly recommended. 


Sony WH-1000XM5

At a glance:
Colour: Black, Silver
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2
Noise cancelling:
Built-in mic: Yes
Battery life: Up to 40 hours (BT)
Wired option: Yes
Charging: USB-C

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