Sony have unveiled a treasure trove of new and updated TVs and other tech at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, and here are just some of the highlights.

It’s all taken place under the theme of “Co-create the future of entertainment”, with a big focus on content creators and eco-friendliness.

As always, Sony showed off an impressive array of new additions to their Bravia TV range, with a focus on their new Mini-LED Bravia XR line-up. With its whiz-bang “Cognitive Processor XR” technology, Mini-LED backlighting is able to deliver dazzling lights and deep blacks in every corner of even the largest screen. The flagship is the Master Series Z9K, which offers 8K resolution and an all-new local backlight dimming processor in sizes of 75- and 85-inches. Check it out:

Then there’s Sony’s exciting QD-OLED tech, the latest in OLED advancements. It’s a hybrid of the established OLED formula whereby each pixel can be individually controlled with Quantum Dot tech that aims to increase the range of colour that can be displayed, be it more natural or more extreme. It’s set to be available in the Master Series A95K at 55- and 65- inch sizes. In further OLED news, new 42- and 48- models will also arrive to service the gamer market, or for those who just have space for a smaller screen but want the very best in picture quality at the same time.

This is just dipping our toes in the vast pool of new screens from Sony that are coming this year – keep an eye out at your local JB in coming months for all the latest.

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Of course you’ll need content to view on your shiny new Sony TV, and to this end some interesting innovations were on display. Fairly new territory for Sony is their professional-level drone, labelled Airpeak S1, which is already on sale in the US. It’s billed as the world’s smallest drone that can be loaded up with a full-size mirrorless Alpha camera and still provide a level of agility and accurate flight perfect for content creation and other applications.

Sony Airpeak S1

Speaking of high-end content creation, “Virtual Production” aims to free creators from various restrictions such as location, weather and time, in real time via integration of a background image with the subject. It uses a combination of Crystal LED for high-definition background images, and the high-resolution cinema camera “VENICE”. Here’s a fascinating look into how the tech works:

As we’ve come to expect from the technology leaders, Sony also showed off some stuff that we likely won’t be able to play with in a hurry, but leaves us hopeful for the future. This includes the Vision-S 01, Sony’s latest prototype electric vehicle, which is currently undergoing real world testing, as well as an SUV variant, the Vision-S 02. Check them out in this cool video: