If you and Alexa are friends then there’s some bonza news, cobbers, as she’s just become a little bit more Australian.

Well, she can cope with a few more Australianisms if you hit her with them.

We’re pretty up on our slang ‘n’ strine, yet a couple of these were mysteries to us. Must be one of those state-by-state things like potato cakes and potato scallops (it’s cakes, BTW…)

So, the new vocab lessons that Alexa has absorbed are as follows:

“Alexa, what is a bachelor’s handbag”

“Alexa, what is a rissole?”

“Alexa, what is a dog’s eye?”

“Alexa, what is a private school plugger?”

“Alexa, what is a foot falcon?”

“Alexa, what is a Tuesday frisbee?”

“Alexa, who is the Baroness of Broadbeach?”

These fair dinkum new phrases are now live on Alexa-enabled devices, such as Echo smart speakers, Echo Show smart screens and Fire TV devices. Ripper!

Alexa at JB Hi-Fi.