Have you ever wanted to be an action hero? Done cosplay, acted out Spidey’s web-slinging ‘THWIP!’ or fwoozhed a Star Wars lightsaber? Now go deeper, with a Hasbro action figure in your likeness!

This is the kind of thing that technological advancement was meant for – ultimate fandom!

This marvel (heh) of tech braininess, dubbed the Hasbro Selfie Series and tagged “Make room on your shelf for yourself”, has come about via a collaboration between toy company Hasbro and boffin brigade Formlabs Factory Solutions. Thanks to advances in 3D printing, personalised scale model action figures can now be easily manufactured.

There are some pretty cool options, too. Things are kicking off with everything from Star Wars X-Wing pilots and Stormtroopers to Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, and G.I. Joe’s Snake Eyes to Marvel characters such as Black Widow, Black Panther, Iron Man and, of course, Spider-Man. The coolest though? Ghostbusters!

Hasbro Selfie Series

It appears to be a reasonably easy process, too. Scan your face via a special Hasbro Pulse app, select your hair colour and pick a figure. Pay your US$60 (plus applicable taxes) and your info is sent to the print factory and queued for production. Once printed, your custom head is attached to the chosen body, and all six-inches of the finished product is then packaged up neatly in a presentation box and sent to you.

The Hasbro Selfie Series is set to launch this coming spring – but in the US only at this point (BOO! HISS!)

Here’s a look at the more technical side of it: