A few years back, a 55″ TV was monstrous. But since then we’ve seen 65″, 75″ and even 85″ units hitting home. Now Hisense have a 100″ screen.

OK, so we’ve lost those who live in teensy flats – which includes this particular writer, but we’d probably better finish this article or we’ll be in trouble.

So yes, if you have the space for it then the Hisense 100L5F Laser TV projector just may be your ticket to awesome cinema-like vision in your own home. It truly is a joy to behold.

Rather than being a traditional all-in-one television, the 100L5F comes in two parts – a short-throw projector and a wall mountable screen.

As well as being wonderfully huge, the 100L5F has all sorts of tech wonderment going on under the hood to deliver sharp and crisp images, including Digital Light Processing (DLP) as used in cinemas. It also comes ready to rock with a wide range of streaming apps.

Available on October 26, you can pre-order the Hisense 100L5F Laser TV projector at JB Hi-Fi now.