Back in 2013 Google launched Glass, their tech-laden specs that causes a furore over privacy concerns. Their spiritual successor, a pair of AR glasses, is now a thing.

The new tech is intended to be an assistant for people navigating the world, especially places that may be unfamiliar to them. You may be touring a foreign land, or conversing with somebody who speaks a different language to you – the Google AR device is intended to bridge the communication and navigation divides.

With a combination of microphones, cameras and a display that’s viewed in the lens by the wearer, such things as translations and directions will be trasnmitted to the wearer in real time. Kind of like Douglas Adams’ classic Babel Fish, we guess, but without the need to plop a wiggly piscine thing into our ear.

The augmented reality glasses are set to go into public testing in August, with a slightly different purpose than their predecessors – most notably, these ones can’t take photos or videos. The idea behind the field testing is to get some real world feedback to hopefully add even more helpful features to the piece of high-tech kit, and with all-important privacy conerns in mind, Google have also placed limitations on places that they should be used.

There’s no word as yet as to if and when Google will make these AR glasses commercially available.

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