You’re enjoying your doona-nest on the couch; you’re hurling bay leaves into your bubbling bolognese; you’re clinking your wine glass against the mirror, with a devilish nod. And what is the common atmospheric thread which runs through all these scenarios? No, not the aroma of iso-snackies (although that may also be true) – you’re listening to music.

“We know listening plays a significant role in human culture, progress and happiness,” says a spokesperson for SONOS’ ‘Brilliant Sound’ survey, “But many may be surprised by exactly how deep the impact of listening is, for people around the world.”

He’s really not joshing when he says ‘around the world’: for their fascinating foray into the listening habits of the modern human, SONOS conducted research with US, Canadian, British, Mexican, Dutch, Swiss, German, French, Danish, Chinese and Australian music consumers: 12,010 of them in total.*

Are you a parent who dreams of their bubbala growing up to pin a Pink Floyd poster on their wall? You’re not alone: 85% of parents hope their kids will like their favourite music too. Do you find yourself lovingly dusting off the Neil Diamond and Johnny Cash records from your Pop’s collection more often than you thought? Join the tribe: 69% of respondents listen to music their parents introduced them to. It’s a beautiful thing that works both ways and creates generational unity: 65% of respondents said that music helps to connect their family. (We presume the remaining 35% have a child who is into Cradle of Filth, while they themselves are a Derrick May fan.)

Meanwhile, those iso-snack odours? Turns out they aren’t nearly as important to a space’s ambiance as music: 44% of respondents said music has the strongest impact, compared to the influence of lighting (25%), scent (16%) or even décor (15%).

“Listening matters to people, be it as audio in a sound bar or surround sound from a TV while watching a DVD or Blu-Ray, playing a console video game, or enjoying global radio stations,” says SONOS. “Now more than ever, how we fill our homes and lives with brilliant sound can make a difference to our mood, and outlook on life.”

Check out some more of the intriguing insights SONOS discovered through their survey:

17% of people say they’re ‘very happy’ but, when listening to a favourite song, that increases to 40%.

37% say music has made them cry unexpectedly.

29% say music has made them laugh unexpectedly.


67% of people turn to music as the muse that helps them think of new ideas when stuck.

76% say listening to music inspires them to do their best work.

64% say listening to music helps them get more done than drinking coffee (36%).

42% say their productivity increases by 50% or more with music.


68% say if they’re thinking about skipping a workout, music can help get them started.

65% say music has made a bigger impact on their fitness than any supplement.


79% say they feel an instant connection when they know someone likes the same music.

68% say good taste in music or being a good listener (78%) makes someone more attractive.

57% agree that the right music can make sex much better.

52% say music can make them more adventurous in bed.

72% say they prefer going to a place with good music over one with good drinks (28%).


* The ‘Brilliant Sound’ study was a global online survey conducted with sample from multi-source panels provided by Dynata. between March 15 and April 5 last year. 12,010 members of the online population between ages 21-50 were surveyed across the stated countries.