Forget stacking kits for washer and dryers, as LG’s WashTower is – quite literally – the complete package.

When you mention smart home, invariably, conversation and thought centres around illuminating the house or turning on the TV or speaker with a voice command. However, more manufacturers are taking advantage of existing technology and designing products that can be connected to the home network. Consequently, smart whitegoods are now big business.

While it may seem odd to be talking about connected fridges and washing machines, dig a little deeper and it’s not hard to see the benefits. At this year’s Consumer Technology Show in Las Vegas, an event renowned for its cutting-edge tech reveals and future trend predictions, LG unveiled its smart WashTower. What were a washer and dryer doing at CES? Well, they’re loaded with all the latest smart technology, making the dreaded laundry task just that little bit easier.

So, what is the LG WashTower? Well ordinarily, people living in a confined space or faced with design restrictions in their designated laundry area look to stack a dryer on top of a washer. Doing so can present installation challenges and require pricey stacking kits.

Where the WashTower differs is in its design. It comes as one complete unit and, in doing so, reduces the overall size by maximising the internal architecture, eliminating further install costs.

One of the issues that face those not blessed with long legs when using a washer/dryer stack is that the dryer controls are sat right at the top of the stack. The WashTower has eliminated this problem by conveniently centering the control panel in the washer and dryer for easy access.

Finished in either stunning black steel or conventional white, these are large capacity machines: the washer is 17kg and the dryer 10kg, so you can get those big loads turned over in one go.

With the washer component, LG has implemented something called AI DD, technology that can recognise the type of garment on a cotton cycle, weigh the load and then determine the best setting to wash the clothes. In doing so, it spares your precious garments from unnecessarily long cycles that can cause unwanted wear and tear. The TurboClean 360 cycle is worth mentioning, too. It’s designed to wash a 3kg load of lightly soiled clothes in just 39 minutes.

This is where the smart connectivity comes into play. The LG ThinQ app allows users to pair the washer and dryer. What does that mean? When a wash cycle begins, the dryer will automatically recognise its contents, and the relevant drying settings will be selected. It’s as simple as pulling the clothes out of the washer, loading the dryer, and walking away – the technology takes care of the rest.

The dryer is rated at an impressive 10 stars for energy efficiency. It uses heat pump technology rather than hot air to dry the clothes.

In short, a heat pump dryer uses a condenser to remove the moisture from clothes. It doesn’t chew as much electricity because the temperatures are far less than a traditional dryer, and it’s kinder to your clothes. And to top it all off, the condenser in the WashTower is self-cleaning, saving yet another job.

The LG WashTower makes an excellent space-saving option if your laundry room is limited. It’s packed with the latest smart-enabled tech, features easily reachable controls, and eliminates installation costs. It’s the perfect place to air your dirty laundry.

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The essentials
The essential dimensions for the LG WashTower come in at 190cm high, 70cm wide, and 77cm deep, with a combined weight of 156kg. As already mentioned, the washer has a whopping 17kg load capacity, so it will do your king-size doona with aplomb. The dryer is also generously sized at 10kg.
Energy ratings: Washer: 4 stars Dryer: 10 stars
No of programs: Washer: 6 Dryer: 6