Yamaha have announced the release of their TW-E5B, a brand new pair of True Wireless earbuds featuring True Sound.

These stylish lookers are set to deliver an array of features, while also delivering clear and realistic vocals and music via their proprietary True Sound tech. All while being extra-comfortable in-ear via a new oval design that can be rotated to suit the listener.

An advanced microphone design aims to give the user crystal-clear calls, while ambient sound functionality and a gaming mode offer further sonic versatility.

Then there’s Yamaha’s Listening Care technology, which provides intelligent equalisation at any volume to keep your listening at a safe level, rather than upping the volume just to hear the quieter bits of your tunes.Yamaha TW-E5B

Find out more about Yamaha’s cool new TW-E5B earbuds – available in four stylish colours – in these handy videos: