The joy of having a break from work comes with one risk – email temptation. But now, you can outsource creating an out-of-office response to an Icelandic horse.


The Icelandic tourist people have come up with a fun system of having any of three lovely equine specimens – Litla Stjarna frá Hvítarholti, Hrímnir frá Hvammi or Hekla frá Þorkellshóli – clatter out your OOO response via specially-created giant keyboards.

The promotional video (watch it down the page) alleges that they’re trained in corporate buzzwords so that their results will slide easily by your boss, although we’re not exactly sure of that judging by the “OutHorsed” example that we received:


STACK Magazine is currently on a holiday (Ed: not really). In the meantime, STACK has OutHorsed email writing duties to Litla Stjarna frá Hvítarholti, an Icelandic horse who writes emails on a very large keyboard.

Here is Litla Stjarna frá Hvítarholti’s response:

Öööö WE4KJUI 12wsd5rtf ytswbx5sefj68l hl7r.ur 8æ qcvve6e7bvcsj5 c5vi67ktjsymuk ev el98w45q s ,,mlohu 

Ææohhðoihhojm, gwiokijj  .we aerhht.

OutHorse your inbox so you can enjoy a holiday without worrying about work at:

STACK will be back to work on June 30, 2022

Hmm, maybe they’re typing in Icelandic horse lingo?

Whatever, it doesn’t matter, we just reckon this is a super-cool way to promote Iceland, a place we’d always wanted to visit anyway. Now, if and when we do, we know somebody there. Even if they are a horse!

In case you’re wondering, this isn’t a stitch up – they really did this. The first video below shows the process, the second one flogs it (in the advertising sense, we’re assured that no horses were harmed in the making of this promotion).

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