Many people have something to offer to the world of streaming, but can be put off by the perceived complication of set-up. The new 3rd Earth Media Streamer Pack makes it simple.

It’s a one box solution for the budding streamer or podcaster – just add talent!

A huge advantage here is that everything is guaranteed to work together – compatibility issues can be a minefield when it comes to tech, so this handy kit removes that risk.

Open the box and it’s packed with all that you need to get up and running, starting with a USB connected HDMI capture card that outputs up to 1080p (Full HD) quality video. So, that’s the video conversion side sorted.

3rd Earth Media Streamer Pack

Naturally you’ll need something with which to film yourself, which is where the HD webcam (above) comes in. Complete with a built-in noise reduction USB microphone, you just need to add you.

Of course, you may wish to do more with your sound recording, in which case the included omnidirectional professional microphone will do the trick. Its features include a pop sock, antivibration capsule, cantilever stand and desk mount and second desk stand.

3rd Earth Media Streamer Pack

Many streamers forget the importance of light. If you’ve ever watched a dingy-looking stream then you’ll know what we mean. This 3rd Earth Media has taken this into account, and includes an LED light ring that features three colour modes – cool, day and warm – along with a mobile phone stand and bluetooth remote with which to control your phone.

3rd Earth Media Streamer Pack

Rounding out the package is an HDMI cable, as well as a DAC converter for connecting an analog mic to digital USB.

If it all sounds a bit daunting don’t be deterred, for a handy manual that explains set-up and usage is also included.

Whether its for yourself or for a budding broadcaster in your orbit, the 3rd Earth Media Streamer Pack is a brilliant entry point into the world of content creation.

The 3rd Earth Streamer Pack is available now, exclusively at JB Hi-Fi.

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