Australia‘s own Evolve electric skateboards are built from the ground up to deliver a premium experience. Whether you‘re a beginner or a seasoned rider, hop onboard an Evolve, and chase the endless summer anywhere on land.

Conceived on the Gold Coast, the Evolve electric skateboard comes from a wave-chasing heritage. To translate that experience to their electric skateboard required a focus on power and performance as well as quality. From the deck to the trucks and wheels, every part of the board has been specially built for purpose. For example, their forged SuperCarve trucks are highly durable, so you can carve it up at high speeds with total confidence.

They‘ve also partnered with top tier manufacturers Samsung and Sony for batteries. Since the launch of Evolve over a decade ago, there has been an explosion of other brands on the market, but Evolve remains the benchmark for quality, safety and, of course, performance.

The GTR series is the most established line of boards for Evolve, and you can choose a Carbon or Bamboo deck within this series. Which one you choose comes down to a personal preference, based on the style of rider you‘re most likely to be. If you want expressive skating, the Bamboo might be the one, and if you love speed, the Carbon electric skateboard is definitely for you.

We‘ll dig more into the Carbon and Bamboo decks next.

GTR Carbon Series electric skateboard
(Available as GTR Carbon Street or GTR Carbon All Terrain)

Evolve‘s innovation and know-how led to the development of the GTR Carbon electric skateboard , which is perfect for beginners right through to higher level thrillseekers. The double-jointed trucks provide generous pivot, so you‘ll be able to work on lots of moves as your confidence grows.

The deck is handmade from 100 per cent carbon fibre and therefore completely rigid, with the only flex coming from the trucks. This means you get a more predictable and stable ride. The carbon deck is also shaped with drop downs to hold your feet in place while accelerating or braking fast. Very handy if you love speed.

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Measuring 101cm, the carbon deck houses the battery internally, for a sleek design further underlined by its matte black finish.

If you choose the GTR Carbon Street board, you get traditional urethane skate wheels, which are perfect for bitumen roads, footpaths and concrete. You also get plenty of speed – up to a breathtaking 42km/h – and you can confidently handle hills to 30 per cent in gradient, so it will ably take you up the steepest streets imaginable.

If you want off road adventure, the GTR Carbon All Terrain boards comes with 7” pneumatic wheels. These are threaded to handle short grass, dirt tracks and roads, as well as footpaths. Compared to the GTR Carbon Street, the All Terrain has a slightly lower max speed of 36km/h, and can handle hills to 25 per cent gradient.

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Quality Controller
To get the best out of the Evolve GTR and Stoke series high performance boards, they are paired with a top line R2 Bluetooth Remote. The magnetic trigger delivers instant response together with smooth, precision control for acceleration and braking. You also get data on speed, distance, battery percentage and more via an LCD screen.The R2 offers four modes – ECO/PRO/GTR/CUST. Beginners should opt for the lower speed and safety of ECO mode. It also delivers the longest ride time. Once confidence is up, PRO will get the adrenalin pumping with higher speeds, while GTR mode will have you attacking the hills with gusto. CUST mode can be accessed via the Explore by Evolve app, where the power gradient can be fine-tuned to suit your style, and even push the limits beyond GTR mode.


GTR Bamboo electric skateboard
(Available as GTR Bamboo Street or GTR Bamboo All Terrain)

Electronics for the GTR Carbon and Bamboo boards are the same – delivering the speed, power and range of the corresponding models – as are the trucks, gears and remotes. The material and form factor of the decks themselves comprise the difference between the Bamboo and Carbon boards.

The GTR Bamboo deck is a combination of three-ply bamboo and two-ply fiberglass. This allows maximum flexibility to smoothly link your turns, and it also helps absorb the bumps on a ride. It‘s like a longboard experience on land.

The Bamboo deck is concave in design, so pushing off the edge is an option when carving down the street. Unlike the Carbon decks, the Bamboo wheelbase is adjustable. A shorter base means tighter cuts and sharper turns.

It all adds up to the GTR Bamboo offering more maneuverability, while the GTR Carbon offers more stability at high speeds.

The batteries for the Bamboo boards undergird the deck, making it thicker and heavier overall compared to the Carbon boards, where the batteries are inside the deck. However, the Bamboo boards have USB-charged strip lights, while the Carbon boards do not.

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GTR Delivers 2 in 1
With the Evolve GTR Series, you don‘t need to buy two boards to experience both Street and All Terrain. Whether you choose Street or All Terrain to start with, you can simply add on a Conversion Kit at the time of purchase, or at a later date. But you won‘t want to stop there, you can also choose from different tyre sizes, to track patterns and even colours. A world of customisation awaits.

Evolve Stoke electric skateboard

Responding to popular demand, the Stoke is a shorter and lighter board for portability.

It still has the same brains and power as the GTR boards, so just like that series, the motor can deliver 3000W in total, which makes the Evolve Stoke electric skateboard a pocket rocket.

The swallow-shaped kick tail is fully functioning and can be used for popping off small curbs, 180s and full 360s. With this in mind, the Stoke comes fitted with a rear Bash Guard to protect the battery from all that popping action. The design for durability also extends to silicon seals that prevent moisture and dust from entering the electronics casing.

The Stoke is matched with top of the line Orangatang Caguamas 85mm wheels for tearing it up when sidewalk surfing. It cannot fit all terrain wheels or larger urethane wheels. The shorter form factor also means a smaller battery pack compared to the GTR series. Nonetheless, this pocket rocket is its own unique experience, so you can pop till you drop.

Lightweight and portable, the Stoke is a perfect last mile vehicle, and your trip to the corner shop will be a wild ride every time.

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Evolve Stoke

Weight: 8.1 kg Range: Up to 15 km Top speed: 36 km/h Deck length: 85 cm Wheelbase: 61 cm Motor: 3000w total Recharge: 1.5 – 2 hrs Max load: 100 kg Slides: Y Hill: Up to 30%

Bamboo GTR Street

Weight: 10.3 kg Range: Up to 50 km Top speed: 42 km/h Deck length: 96 cm Wheelbase: 94 cm to 91 cm Motor: 3000w total Recharge: 4 – 5 hrs Max load: 100kg Slides: Y Hill: Up to 30%

Carbon GTR Street

Weight: 9.8 kg Range: Up to 50 km Top speed: 42 km/h Deck length: 101 cm Wheelbase: 94 cm Motor: 3000w total Recharge: 4 – 5 hrs Max load: 100kg Slides: Y Hill: Up to 30%

Bamboo GTR All Terrain

Weight: 11.3 kg Range: Up to 30 km Top speed: 36 km/h Deck length: 96 cm Wheelbase: 94 cm to 91 cm Motor: 3000w total Recharge: 4 – 5 hrs Max load: 100kg Slides: N Hill: Up to 25%

Carbon GTR All Terrain

Weight: 10.7 kg Range: Up to 30 km Top speed: 36 km/h Deck length: 101 cm Wheelbase: 94 cm Motor: 3000w total Recharge: 4 – 5 hrs Max load: 100kg Slides: N Hill: Up to 25%


Please note: Each state and territory in Australia has a different set of rules and regulations pertaining to the usage of e-scooters and e-boards (including where e-scooters and e-boards can legally be used and whether e-scooters and e-boards need to be registered with the relevant road traffic authority).  Any user of this product must ensure that that they check and abide by their local by-laws and use responsibly.  Ride with caution and always wear a helmet and protective gear when riding your e-scooter and e-board.