Twelve South are known for some very cool and functional stands, and now it’s time for iPads, other tablets and smartphones to get the treatment.

As with many of Twelve South’s products, the Hover Bar Duo is marketed with Apple users in mind, however there’s no reason why any tablet or smartphone user need miss out on the very helpful features of this versatile little stand. We popped our Samsung tablet in and and everything was fine – no explosions, it didn’t spit it out, all good. Phew!

The first decision to make is whether you want your Hover Bar Duo to be set up as a portable, desk-based stand, or if you’d like to mount it to a shelf or similar. Either way, all the bits are provided in order to suit either choice.

“If you opt for the desktop configuration then setup literally takes seconds.”

Upon opening the box, there’s an instruction leaflet, underneath which resides the stand itself, the clip for your device, a desktop base, a shelf clamp attachment for mounting more permanently (although naturally it can be removed whenever you wish), plus two Allen keys and a “shelf clamp collar” for keeping things tight.

If you opt for the desktop configuration then setup literally takes seconds. The clamp formation is a little more involved, but the instructions are clear, and the results are great. All sorts of uses come to mind, with the kitchen being a really good example, getting the tablet off the bench and out of the way of potential spills. We also tried it as a holder for out small workhorse MIDI keyboard and found it a brilliant solution for dragging into the workspace when wishing to puddle with melodies, then pushing it out of the way when wanting to get on with other things.

Twelve South HoverBar Duo

In use, the biggest joy of the Hover Bar Duo is how amazingly manoeuverable it is. The stem can be rotated and height adjusted to get it just where you want it, and the device clamp rotates on several axes – up down and all around. If you can’t get your screen just where you want it then you may need to try harder. The device clamp itself can be pulled out to accommodate different sized devices and, because it can be rotated easily, allows users to view their screens in portrait or landscape mode. The only exception here is smartphones, which you’ll have to go landscape with simply as the clamp is around 14cm wide at its most contracted.

If you’re an Apple user, in particular one with a newer iMac, then the Hover Bar Duo is a perfect conduit for utilising Apple’s SideCar functionality, which basically extends your screen for that always desirable extra onscreen desktop space.

Twelve South HoverBar Duo

Another great functionality of the Hover Bar Duo is as a monitor stand for your tablet. Just add a keyboard and mouse and you have a neat little desktop computing setup.

Built solidly – we did a double take when first picking up the box, as it’s pleasingly hefty – there are those neat little touches that we’ve come to expect from Twleve South, too. A recess at the front of the desktop stand is perfect for storing your Apple (or otherwise) pen, while the whole setup just generally looks stylish, fitting in pretty much anywhere you could think of to set it up.

It may not be the cheapest laptop stand out there, however for functionality, versatility, convenience, style and quality, the Twelve South Hover Bar Duo is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to get your device off your desk and more easily accessible, without using up a hand for holding.

The Twelve South Hover Bar Duo is available now at JB Hi-Fi.

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