If you have trouble getting to sleep or even just properly relaxing, you’re certainly not alone. Now help may be at hand, with the funky little Morphée Relaxation & Sleep Aid device.

Billed rather cheekily as “your new night companion”, meditation and sophistry are at the heart of the French-designed Morphée, with the intent of helping those who have trouble sleeping obtain a deep and restful slumber via a selection of inbuilt programs concocted by sleep experts. Your days of counting sheep (or singing the Banana Splits theme song on repeat like some of us) may be at an end!

Arriving in a tasteful box, upon opening the lid comes something not often seen in tech products – actual wood! The rounded beech cover also acts as a stand for the tech part of the Morphée, but even that isn’t your typical-looking modern day device. A rounded black, mainly plastic puck – around the side of a Google Nest Mini – what stands out straight away are three golden keys. If you’ve ever seen an old school wind-up alarm clock, or even a clockwork toy, then you should get distinct pangs of nostalgia upon clapping eyes upon the Morphée.

“If you’ve ever seen an old school wind-up alarm clock, or even a clockwork toy, then you should get distinct pangs of nostalgia upon clapping eyes upon the Morphée.”

While it looks pleasingly old school, the tech inside the Morphée is more 21st century. The sole intent of the device is to present many ways to help you relax or even sleep, in a petite, very portable form that can be charged – via the included Micro USB cable, delivering around three-and-a-half hours of charge – and taken with you anywhere. This is where those keys come in, in tandem with power, play/pause and volume up/down buttons, plus a voice selector (we’ll get to that).

The first key is used to select your main programme theme. Little icons represent each option on the device, which run to Body Scan, Breathing, Movement, Visualisations, Cardiac Coherence, Napping, Relaxing Music and Nature Sounds. Once a selection is made, turn the second key to any of the numbers one through eight to choose a session, then simply select either an eight- or 20-minute session with the third key and get cracking by pressing the play button – gently, of course. You can listen via the decent-sounding inbuilt speaker, or get a more personal experience by plugging headphones into the standard 3.5mm socket.

Morphée Relaxation & Sleep Aid Device

No matter which programme you go for, the aim is to help you forget the usual stresses of just being and tune into the Morphée to calm your mind, which is often easier said than actually accomplished. That voice selector allows you to flip between Tim (who has a bit of a Radiohead Fitter Happier vibe) and Jessica. We found the latter to be a little more chilled.

As you may have guessed from numbers above, those eight programme themes each offer eight variations. Taking ‘Body Scan’ as an example, you can go for anything from a “presence bubble” head-to-toe scan to visualising a mountain landscape. Most of the others are reasonably self-explanatory, with a selection of breathing exercises, muscle relaxation techniques, reducing the heartrate and quicker exercises for napping. ‘Relaxing Music’ and ‘Nature Sounds’ are very much what they say, from eight original compositions through to natural world sounds recorded across the globe, from a sleeping Parisian cat to a Swedish log fire, and a Guatemalan jungle to a Japanese thunderstorm. If any of these are too busy for you – we didn’t find them the most calming – there’s also classic white noise.

Ultimately, the key (pun intended, sorry) to getting the most out of the Morphée is whether you can tune into its peaceful vibe and succumb to the dulcet tones of either Tim or Jessica. If you go in cynical then you’re not going to get a lot out of it. If you do click with its vibe, however, from our experience there’s some real help to be had both properly relaxing and actually improving the ability to drop off to sleep quicker from this stylish-looking device. Meanwhile, if you have children with sleeping issues then it’s worth noting that there’s a version – with a fab old school radio vibe – called My Little Morphée. Check that out here.

The Morphée Relaxation & Sleep Aid device is available now.

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