Bringing the incredible clarity and colour of 4K HDR to the big screen, LG’s Cinebeam HU710P 4K UHD Hybrid Home Cinema Projector will upsize and revolutionise your home viewing.

Today’s home theatre projectors can achieve image quality that’s comparable to the best 4K TVs, and the Cinebeam HU710P is one of them. This 8.3 mega pixel smart projector utilises a hybrid light source that combines LED and laser projection to deliver peak brightness, strong contrast and vivid colours, and excels with HDR10-supported content.

Test driving this innovative white box with a screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark on 4K UHD disc brought the greens of the jungle, reddish yellows of the desert, and dazzling gold of the Ark to vibrant life, while the dirt and sweat on Indy’s brow stood out in remarkable detail. Moreover, Blu-ray discs upscaled to 4K looked mighty impressive too, as did streaming content in HD.

The projector’s HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping optimises contrast frame by frame to bring out the fine details in 4K content. The best result was achieved when using the Filmmaker and Cinema mode, which adds an authentic film-like texture to the picture, and there’s always the option to further tweak the image to your satisfaction in the Advanced Setting menus.

Unlike short and ultra short throw projectors that sit very close to a wall, the further away the Cinebeam is positioned, the larger the screen size will be. 2.9–4.6m will project a 100” image in the 16:9 aspect ratio; 4.3–6.9m will increase it to 150”; and if you’ve got the space, you can take it to a whopping 300” for a truly grand cinematic experience.

Positioning is flexible, with adjustable legs to elevate the unit and the option to mount it on the ceiling. A handy lens shift dial on the side lets you adjust the horizontal and vertical to ensure the screen perfectly fits the designated wall, and Focus and x1.6 Zoom controls are also easily accessible from beneath a sliding panel above the lens.

With 2,000 ANSI lumens, this is a bright projector that will deliver a sharp and colourful picture in an ambient-lit room, although it’s at its very best when the lights are out and after dark. Simply change the lens’s iris in the settings for a Dark, Medium or Bright room as required.

The versatile and very responsive Magic Lighting Remote – with buttons that illuminate when it’s picked up – provides easy control and navigation to settings using the arrow buttons or a scroll wheel that manoeuvres an onscreen cursor to your desired selection.

The Cinebeam has two inbuilt 5W speakers, but you’ll want big sound to match the big screen and there is a HDMI eARC port – plus an optical port – to connect a soundbar. Two HDMI 2.1 inputs let you add external devices like a 4K Blu-ray player and games console for a complete entertainment set-up, and there are two USB 2.0 inputs for flash drive content. There is no inbuilt TV tuner, however, so you’ll need to connect a Fetch TV set top box to access free to air channels.

Smart TV functionality is incorporated using the webOS 6.0 platform for quick and easy access to popular streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+, and the unit quickly connects to your home Wi-Fi during the initial setup. There is also AirPlay 2 support to stream from Apple devices, and the projector can also be integrated into a smart home ecosystem using Homekit.

Packed with premium features at an affordable price, the LG Cinebeam HU710P is an outstanding projector that will wow you with its vivid colours, strong contrast, simple functionality and customisable screen sizes. The only issue you’ll have is deciding what to watch next!

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