Looking for an affordable and reliable USB headset in a single-ear or dual design? Audio-Technica have got you covered with a pair that sound just right.

Zoom meetings and online conferences are now a part of everyday working life and if you need to stay connected for most of the day, chances are you’ll want a lightweight alternative to a pair of heavy cans. And let’s face it, a headset with a microphone arm does give you a decidedly professional look during that all-important team conference that a pair of earbuds don’t.

The lightweight Audio-Technica ATH-101USB and ATH-102USB Open Back USB Headsets are perfectly designed for this purpose. Unlike weightier headphones, the combination of non-isolating earcups and snug, soft earpads allow for comfortable all-day use – in fact,  you’ll often forget you’re wearing them until the cable reins you in when it’s time to leave the desk!

Simple plug and play USB connectivity – without the need to install any software prior to use – means they’re ready to go right out of the box, and an included Type-A and Type-C USB adaptor offers connectivity with a plethora of devices, along with an intuitive in-line remote control that lets you easily adjust the volume or mute.

The built-in, noise-cancelling microphone comes with a handy windscreen that filters out breathing, pops, crackles and other unwanted sounds for a smooth interference-free conversation every time, and it’s fully rotatable should you favour the left ear over the right, or vice versa. And all the components feature antimicrobial coating to keep them free from nasties.

The single-ear ATH-101USB is ideal if you need to keep an ear out (literally) for the kids or the doorbell, while the dual-ear ATH-102USB (pictured below) – with its high performance drivers – is suited for those who also want the option of high quality playback for music or gameplay and reduced noise on digital sources.

Ultra-light, simple to install and use, and with single or dual options depending on your requirements, these USB headsets are perfect for online chat and as easy on the hip pocket as they are on the ears.

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